The faces behind the fonts (well, the thinking at least)

HypeForType is a growing hotbed of top typographic talent. Born out of the (slightly) obsessive quest for fontal perfection and more respect for the art of beautifully crafted type of one Alex Haigh. You could think of him as the Hugh Heffner of the type world, but in a less seedy way and without the mansion. It was over a year in the making (ever the perfectionist) and the virtual doors have been open for business for over a year now too. In that time, the vision of creating a type foundry to showcase the best in today's typographic talent, and a platform for keen eyed creatives to find and buy truly unique, hand-crafted fonts to add depth to their work that nothing else can do has become something much bigger.


Time and type have been kind to HypeForType and the revolution gains momentum; with glowing press coverage in Creative Review, The D&AD Annual, Computer Arts, The 99 Percent, And our very first nod from the Yellow Pencil people at D&AD - look out for our beautiful, exclusive Neo Deco font in the prestigious D&AD Annual. HypeForType isn't about banging out standard fonts you'd find in any suite, it's about collaborating with award-winning designers and making beautiful type not only accessible, but indispensible. We think beautiful typography shouldn't be a 'nice to have', it should be a don't present it without.


So we offer iconic, hand-crafted typefaces that can take a piece of work from good to, well quite frankly, great. HypeForType offers a veritable feast of fonts for anyone interested in experimenting with typography, designers getting back in touch with the classic skill and brands looking to commission something standout that really adds depth to their visual language.


So whether you're a talented type genius wanting a platform to get your work out there, or you're looking for some freestyle fonts to add to your creative toolkit, HypeForType is the friend you'll soon feel like you've known your whole life.