Top 50 decorative fonts of 2015

You know when a font is so good that you want to give it pride of place somewhere special…? Our Top 50 Decorative Fonts for 2015 list is full of just those kinds of fonts. We’ve hand-picked a generous list of the finest faces that we think will find a perfect home on your small branding projects, packaging design work, or any time you need to label with love. Classy and quirky, flashy to floral, heavy or hip, our Top 50 list is chock-full of surprises, so dive right in…
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The HypeForType Summer font sale is here!

This summer we’ve teamed up with over 75 fantastic foundries to bring you a sale of truly tremendous proportions! For the next few weeks, we have thousands of fonts with up to 90% off, just waiting to be snapped up for summer. Tantalise your type taste-buds, then browse the full sale collection. Here’s a little of what’s on offer…
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Legendary ‘I Heart NY’ designer brings an influential typeface into the digital age.

Milton Glaser I Love New York Logo

You’ll certainly be familiar with Milton Glaser’s most famous piece of work – he designed the iconic ‘I Heart New York’ logo back in 1977, a piece of urban symbolism that has yet to lose its charm – but his design legacy doesn’t stop there.
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Interview with Rick Banks of Face37

Rick Banks is the design genius behind Face37 Studio, based in London. He is a freelancer who creates amazing designs across a range of mediums, and he has won a myriad of awards and can be found in numerous publications. He has also been known to use his design powers for good, by creating not-for-profit publications where the profits go to good causes.
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Top 50 best logo fonts for 2015

There’s no formula to it, it’s just a certain je ne sais quoi that makes some fonts pitch-perfect for logo work. These are the special fonts that are so brimming with character that a brand can’t help wanting to adopt them as their very own. To help you reach for the perfect font to marry with the right brand or product, we’ve compiled a handy alphabetical and thoroughly-researched go-to list of the 50 very best fonts that we think can solve all your logo solutions in the year ahead. No need to thank us, just get stuck in…
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Top 10 Fonts on sale right now

We’re half­way through the most epic font sale the internet has ever seen, so you’ve still got a ton of time to save up to 90% on some of the hottest fonts of all time. So without further ado, here’s this weeks Top 10 fonts in the HypeForType sale.
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