New Releases November 24th

Whether you’re a fan of the display font, a sucker for a good sans serif, or if you love every typeface you can get your hands on, the HypeForType new releases newsletter has got something to brighten your Monday. With foundries new to HypeForType sharing their wares for the first time, and old friends back again with something new, this week is off to a font-astic start.
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Adria Slab – 90% OFF 14 new fonts

It’s been an exciting morning already here at HypeForType (we get up early). What better to get that Friday feeling than a fantastic new font release from type-superstars, Facetype? We knew their last release, Adria Grotesk would be a hard act to follow after it shot to stardom and hit our best sellers list with ease, but they’ve pulled out all stops and we are proud to present Adria Grotesk’s cheerful new companion, Adria Slab.
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New Font Releases November 12th

We’ve often been known to commend versatility and a wide range of applications in fonts, so we’ve taken a lesson from that this week. Here are just some of the beautiful new releases we’ve got at HypeForType, and my, what an eclectic bunch. From charming sans serifs to display fonts sure to get the blood flowing, these releases from some of our most popular designers have got something for everyone, even you really picky ones.
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Interview with Ryan Martinson of YDS

Yellow Design Studio Mega Bundle

This month, to go along with our fantastic Yellow Design Studio Mega Bundle, we’ve spoken to Ryan Martinson, the type-champ at YDS, to learn a little more about him and the studio he runs with his partner Rena.

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New Releases

opening banner image

Here at HypeForType, talent scouting is a top-of-the-list task. While the amazing foundries we already work with are regularly publishing some really top quality fonts, there’s always something special about adding a new foundry to our collection. So, here for you today we have some hot new fonts coming to HypeForType, several from firm foundry favourites, and some from new members of our fontastic family.

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an Interview with Sawdust

Keeping our series of interviews rolling, this week we’ve been lucky enough to talk to Rob Gonzalez and Jonathan Quainton, the pair of heavyweight design legends who make up Sawdust studio. Known globally for creating striking and memorable brand identities, and doing things with typography that blows even our font-filled brains, Sawdust are award-winning designers, and they have not one but two fonts available exclusively at HypeForType.

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