What is HypeForType?

HypeForType is a hotbed of typographic talent. An online type foundry with a difference. It's been a labour of love for founder Alex Haigh, who has a passion for well crafted type, and nothing short of the highest quality. Alex's vision was to create a type foundry showcasing the best in today's typographic talent, as well providing a platform for keen eyed creatives to find and buy truly unique, hand-crafted fonts to complement their work. Hypefortype has an impressive catalogue of exceptional typefaces created by independant designers available to buy.


How do I pay for my items?

At this current time we accept all Credit/Debit cards through Sagepay one of the world's leading secure payment gateways. We also accept the most widely used global form of payment, Paypal. We do not accept cash, mail orders, wire transfer, or personal cheque. If we decide to accept alternative payment methods in the future we will notify all members.

What happens if I want to access my order at a later date?

Within your personal account you will find all of your previous orders available to download instantly at anytime and any place.

Why are some of the typefaces more expensive than others?

Everything we stock at HypeForType has to meet certain levels of quality. With regards to technical and visual ability some typographic creations are more unique than others, however we price our typefaces purely on our partners suggestive method.

I’m new to this site, are my details secure?

Absolutely. Every single customer’s details are kept secure in our database and the only details we will ever have access to are your name, and email address. For payment processing we use Sagepay and a fully secure 256bit SSL certificate so all of your payment details are 100% secure. We also use Paypal's fully secure business transaction service so you have full security and peace of mind.

You have some big names on the front page, I didn’t realise they were type designers?

Probably because 90% of the time they are not. One of the unique concepts at HypeForType is our ability to work with some of the design industries most talented and recognisable names. We do this purely for you! Taking a stand within the type industry and working with incredibly talented individuals gives us the opportunity to produce one off unique exceptional typefaces, available no where else in the world other than HypeForType.

I’ve download the typeface I purchased, what now?

If you’re on a Mac OSX operating system unzip the file you have downloaded. You should then double click the file format and that will give you an option to install. If you have any problems please take a look over this easy installation guide. If you are on a Windows system please do the following; Open the start menu › settings › control panel. Now double click the fonts folder, and choose file › install new font. Locate the fonts you want to install, in this case they have probably download on to your desktop. Select the fonts you want to install, and click OK.

Do you design fonts for commercial use?

We do indeed. For further information on this please take a look at our Type Services section.

Can I buy exclusive rights to an existing HypeForType typeface?

Unfortunately not. All our typefaces are publicly licensable only.

I’m not sure which license I need?

Most of the time a standard Desktop license is usually sufficient. However, if you are planning to use the fonts on more than 5 computers (CPU) you will need to select the amount from the checkout menu. In most scenarios our extended licensing model explains everything, however in some circumstances you may need to refer specifically to the foundries own (EULA) End User License Agreement. If you've any queries, just drop us an email and we will be happy to help!

I want to sell a few t-shirt designs with fonts on, do I need a Merchandise license?

We've a basic rule for our Merchandise licensing, and that's if you're selling any items in units of more than 250 per year (per design), you'll need a Merchandise license. If you're selling under this amount then a desktop license is fine. However, that rule does come with a few terms and conditions. Firstly, if your font is the prime selling point such as cut out lettering, door numbers, alphabet moulds, then you'll need a Merchandise license regardless of how many items you sell. Don't worry though, we're not going to come knocking on anyones door for just selling the odd few t-shirts per year!

Why should I use HypeForType instead of a large mainstream font shop?

The answer to this question, is one of the main reasons I started HypeForType. Unlike many large font shops, we are obsessively passionate about typography. To cut to the chase, we’re a small online foundry stocking high quality fonts, with exceptional customer service. You will tend find that very large online font shops not only stock any type of font regardless of aesthetics and quality, but overall the customer service they offer is not up to scratch. Here at HypeForType, we pride as much on our high quality fonts as we do on our exceptional customer service. Every customer is an individual, we will never give you a copied and pasted reply, and with this we will personally do everything possible to meet your needs. The members of HypeForType are as important as the foundry itself, thank you for the support.