Submit your type designs

We are always on the look out for fresh and innovative typographic talent. If you are interested in selling your type through our online foundry, or would just like to share some ideas you think we would find interesting, then please follow the guidelines below.

How should I prepare my submission?

When submitting your typeface we suggest showcasing the following characters below. This includes all uppercase, lowercase characters, and punctuation.

Do you have a sample toolkit I can use to create my submission?

Yes, we do! We have created a sample toolkit for you to download. This outlines in detail, how you should produce your submission for us.

Do not submit your design until it is fully functional and in perfect working order. We occasionally receive submissions based on visual aspects only, we will only help you take these forward if we feel they are a unique design and asset to the HypeForType foundry. Your completed design must include complete kerning, and if we find this has not been completed the application will unfortunately be rejected. Our aim at HypeForType is to provide fresh new typefaces of the highest quality, and that includes technical quality as well as visual.

Your typeface designs look incredible, but you can’t build it?

We will occasionally step in here to help, if we feel you have a unique product that we just can’t do without then we’ll bring this to life. Please bare in mind this is for products only of the highest visual quality, and will require a unique contract. If you feel this is you, then show us what you’ve got.

How long do I have to wait?

Usually a maximum of 5 working days. We will reply to every submission whether it’s accepted or rejected. If we like it but it has a few minor issues, we will also work with you to resolve them.

Ok, so your design has been accepted what happens now?

Once your submission has been accepted we will send you a contract and discuss royalties, retail price, and other information. Once all of this has been discussed and agreed, we’re ready to rock...

That all sounds good, where do we go from here?

Send your submission(s) following the guidelines above to the following email address. Please keep file sizes to a maximum of 3mb.

Email your submissions to: