Haute Fonture

Haute couture for fonts - bring your brand to life with a custom typeface.
Custom type services to leave a lasting impression. Chic and unique
without looking like your brand got dressed in the dark.

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Our Services

Custom Type Design

Created for you, licensed for you. A unique font that won't cost you the earth, or show up on 10 campaigns.

Font Development

Tweak to add your own personality, or an extended font family - we offer a full range of development services.

Mac or PC? Who cares?

Creating fonts that look beautiful on any platform was our idea. And we can make it happen for you.

Fluent in all languages

Looking to venture abroad? We can create custom fonts that speak in any and every language. Si.

Direction & Consulting

Your brand ID or something for a client - we can work with you and your agency for type direction.


D&AD Awards 2010/2011 (Typography)
Just ask the Yellow Pencil people at D&AD who gave our exclusive Neo Deco font an in book award for typography.

Have A Word

We love lettering, but we're people people too (no really). Want to mull over custom type, extend your font family, go multi-language or just that that fontlab thing you're struggling with sorted? We'd love to hear (genuinely), we're all ears, well, not ALL ears, that would just be weird...but you know...

For all custom type enquiries drop us an email; custom@hypefortype.com