10 Best Packaging Fonts of 2016

August 15, 2016 , In: Top 50 Fonts

Just like people fonts have their very own personalities. They can be stubborn, friendly, outgoing, hard, soft, inviting, aggressive, cool, delicate, feminine, and decorative. Good use of fonts goes a very long way, and that’s especially true in the field of packaging design.
A good use of typography will convey a brands message in the way it’s meant to be received. When it comes to effective packaging, choosing the right typeface has never been so important. Get it wrong and both your product and sales look amateur, get it right and to you tap into an ornate expression that connects both the item and the customer, telling them exactly who you are as a brand, and what you’re about. Below we’ve compiled a list of our very own Top 10 packaging fonts for 2016. Here you will find everything from the audaciously organic sans-serif right through to the sensually seductive script typeface.

1. F37 Bolton (Face37)

F37 Bolton Font
Modern and contemporary, F37 Bolton has an intriguing duality of natural and humanist qualities juxtaposed with minimalism and a mechanical air, similar to that of Helvetica. Every character has just a dash of flavour, a hint of personality, and a suggestion of uniqueness. This allows it to retain versatility and adaptability without sacrificing style and imagination.

Download F37 Bolton ›

2. Populaire (PintassilgoPrints)

Populaire Font
The font Populaire is in many ways adorable and in all ways quirky and captivating. With a delightful touch of the hand-­drawn and all the features of an OpenType font, it presents a multitude of options. An array of alternating glyphs are pouring from the seam and Populaire is not shy – it will help you create a story, not just write a sentence.

Download Populaire ›

3. Strangelove Next (FaceType)

Strangelove Next Font
Drawing its inspiration from the Stanley Kubrick cult classic Dr Strangelove, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, Strangelove Next embodies the dark comedy, political satire and quintessential appeal of the film. With OpenType compatibility and the quirky option to mix wide and narrow characters, all that’s missing from the font is Peter Sellers playing a multitude of major roles.

Download Strangelove Next ›

4. Eveleth (Yellow Design Studio)

Eveleth Font
There is a strong flavour of retro/vintage prevalent throughout each intricate element of Eveleth, with every letter-pressed glyph looking like it has spent its life in a thrift store. It smells of typewriter ink, old leather, and worn­out corduroy, and the optional spurs jest give it a little something extra, a certain je­ne­sais­quoi for your special characters. Eveleth has fourteen character sets, each of which has an astonishing six alternates per letter and three for each other glyph – that’s over 2,000 characters that you can use to customise your way to success. When you factor in the family of shapes and the one of icons, the possibilities are possibly endless.

Download Eveleth ›

5. Alek (Fenotype)

Alek Font
Alek is quite a handful. Upright, elegant, and with scads of etiquette, the regular weight is lithe and toned, and the bold is muscular and powerful. Not afraid to escort a lost design home in the dark, nor to cavort with a slogan gone astray, Alek will calmly and courteously be on hand to help – it’s only polite.

Download Alek ›

6. Port Vintage (Synthview)

Port Vintage Font
Joao Oliveira created something spectacular with the original Port, but the follow up he’s produced in the incredible Port Vintage takes the intricate detail and fine decorations and dials it up to 11. A display typeface with more potential than you can carry in a box, the sophisticated lines and eye­-catching serifs will elevate your design to the next level of class.

Download Port Vintage ›

7. F37 Bella (Face37)

F37 Bella Font
Rick Banks, the creative mastermind behind the foundry Face37, is the prodigal designer of F37 Bella, one of our all­time best selling fonts. With an arrestingly simple design philosophy, Banks has created something masterful. This font surpasses influence and flies beyond inspiration to reach almost ethereal heights. The acute extremity of the hairlines and the voluptuousness of the curves make this award winning font one you’ll want to use time and time again.

Download F37 Bella ›

8. Showcase (Latinotype)

Showcase Font
Showcase is yet another example of the quality of fonts we’ve come to know and love from Latinotype. With 8 fonts in this wonderfully varied yet intricately concordant family, there is a Showcase for every situation. With the depth of delights you get from the script to the slab, Showcase is friendly, cheerful, and plays nicely with the other children. Latinotype’s varied influences and contemporary approach really shine through in Showcase.

Download Showcase ›

9. Al Fresco (Laura Worthington)

Al Fresco Font
More charming than many other script fonts, Al Fresco is a breezy, light, yet expressive typeface perfect for packaging projects. Al Fresco manages what many script fonts strive for but miss; it glides across the page like a ribbon of silk, drawing your eyes along every swooping line. Sparkling and refreshing with a wedge of lime and some ice, Cider is a font you’ll feel good about saying ‘yes’ to.

Download Al Fresco ›

10. Proxima Nova (Latinotype)

Proxima Nova Font
Proxima Nova is an exceptional text based sans-serif family. Proxima Nova works fantastically in both large and small sizes, and is the absolute go to font for all of those text based bits that belong on your beautifully put together packaging product! It’s also fluent in many languages, strange glyphs, and it’ll work time and again for project after project after project.

Download Proxima Nova ›

Kick off your 2016 packaging projects in style and add these wonderful additions to your type arsenal today. Don’t forget to bookmark HypeForType, so you can come back later and find even more fonts for the future award winning project of yours! Also… If you’re wondering what the font on the main image is, it’s Veneer by Yellow Design Studio.

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