15 fonts for your 2015 web design projects

January 17, 2015 , In: Inspiration

Thank you all for the amazing feedback about the sale! But we hear ya – 5,000+ fonts is a lot to browse through! Well along with sharing the sale on Twitter, we’ve picked out some of the most popular and outstanding fonts, and some we can’t get enough of at HypeForType HQ, and put this email together so you can get a taste of the top web design fonts, hassle free.

Gist – 20 fonts by Yellow Design Studio

Like that one friend we all have, who fits effortlessly into any situation, Gist looks comfortable and natural whatever the use. With over 600 glyphs per weight, you can have endless fun customising it, bending and shaping it to your specification – and it will just take it all in its stride with the kind of elegant adaptability which dictates who comes out on top in the survival of the fittest. If you’re not convinced of the awesomeness of Gist you can take Gist Light home with you for free, on us – we know you’ll be back for more soon enough.

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Bonbon – 6 fonts by Fenotype

The bonbon originated in France, and means literally ‘good good’ – it was applied to only the most luxurious and divine sweets. An apt name for this delectable font then. It’s smooth and velvety and wickedly varied. Each weight has over 850 glyphs – at least four different options per letter, turning this font into a buffet of beauty; a smorgasbord of design dishes, just asking to be eaten up. Bonbon is a good good font indeed.

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Port Vintage – 10 fonts by Joao Oliveira

Joao Oliveira created something spectacular with the original Port, but the follow up he’s produced in the incredible Port Vintage takes the intricate detail and fine decorations and dials it up to 11. A display typeface with more potential than you can carry in a box, the sophisticated lines and eye-catching serifs will elevate your design to the next level of class.

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Nanami – 18 fonts by Thinkdust

A font inspired by the oriental flavours of Japan, Nanami is a confident font with clear, clean lines which are well defined without being obtrusive. The distinctly sharp edges slice through empty space like Samurai swords, proudly wearing curves and corners like a Samurai wears their traditional ceremonial armour, and just as fierce.

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Salamander Script – 4 fonts by Fenotype

Salamander Script from Fenotype is a delightfully flowing display font, and like its amphibian namesake, looks wonderfully compelling at large sizes and cute and frisky at smaller sizes; unlike its amphibian namesake, you don’t need a terrarium to keep it in. As with all of Fenotype’s fonts, Salamander Script comes with a veritable deluge of OpenType options, from alternates to swashes, and more. An entertaining and lively font to add to any collection.

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Metronic Slab Pro – 12 fonts by Mostardesign

A slab serif typeface with a well balanced attitude, Metronic Slab Pro has a distincly modern look about it. The well-defined serifs ensure the font has a consistent shape throughout, and the excellent OpenType features stop it from getting repetative. The font also includes a 60 piece icon set, and in reinforcement of its contemporary breeding, the icons are most useful in web design or UI design.

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PaperCute – 3 fonts by La Goupil

Normally it’s only things with fur and big eyes we think of as adorable, but PaperCute uses its natural charm and delightful ornaments to step confidently forward into that part. Fitting quintissentially into any role that needs some personality, a cheeky but welcoming smile, and a sense of amiable charisma, PaperCute is ambitious on your behalf.

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Vasarely – 5 fonts by B2302

Influenced by a famous namesake in the field of optical arts, Vasarely is intricately built to a strict grid and well defined rules. Angular and adamantly legible, it builds itself up in layers and lines, allowing you to stretch your contrasting colour muscles and create something outstanding. This flat layering encourages creativity and intricate typographical illustrations. The extruded version brings the layers into the third dimension, efficaciously standing out loud and proud.

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Servus Slab – 18 fonts by Dada Studio

A fan of the Classics, Servus Slab likes to imagine itself back in the days of Rome, reliving their ancient days of glory, reading the works of great early thinkers. Although it has its mind on the past, Servus Slab doesn’t have its head in the clouds. Down to earth and pragmatic, Servus Slab is a font that likes to see things done properly, going the extra mile to make sure that no detail is missed. Well educated in etiquette and form, Servus knows a little bit about everything, and can fit itself into any occasion with a decent understanding of how to proceed. Use Servus in text or print formats for a classic and traditional edge.

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Corbert – 18 fonts by The Northern Block

Corbet plays nice with others – you’d have to if you were a family of 18. Ranging from extremely thin, fine lines to thick, black strokes, Corbet is a chameleon of a font. Striding across your designs with purpose and resolve, Corbet is exceptionally legible and useful in all sizes, working marvellously in print and on screen. Make sure you have a font which will always go the extra mile – buy Corbet today.

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Nanuk – 1 font by Hanoded

A handmade font, Nanuk is fun and playful, the one who always brings the frisbee to the park and suggests days out at the beach. You’ll never catch Nanuk without a smile on its face, and like any good friend, Nanuk’s always happy to spare some time to brighten your day. Try it out in bright, friendly colours to bring some cheer to your designs.

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Aeronaut – 5 fonts by Facetype

Aeronaut is a quintessentially gothic blackletter font which takes to the dance floor, twirling and gliding with all of typography’s modern trends. Using the family together as intended gives you a level of customisability which stretches as far as creating multi-coloured glyphs. The enticing textured layers ooze decadence, and with Aeronaut, your headlines will be the best dressed at the ball.

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Kwark – 1 font by Hanoded

It might be all caps, but Kwark is more of an excited chatter than a shout. The gentle 3D effect on this handdrawn font makes it look as though it’s always ready to enjoy itself. The mellow grunge styling is so amiable that it doesn’t entirely alter the font’s overall look and feel, it just complements what is alread achieved. Add the same kind of affability to your designs today.

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Grumpy – 6 fonts by Suomi

Names can be deceptive, and there’s certainly more to Grumpy than the name lets on. A display font with the ability to pop eyes at 30 paces, the 2000+ detailed Tight, Not Touching kerning pairs mean that even at its thick and thin extremes, Grumpy remains a balanced and legible font. It might not always be smiling, but Grumpy will always make its point.

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Lulo – 10 fonts by Yellow Design Studio

Put down your breakfast smoothies, we’ve got something fruitier for you this morning from Yellow Design Studio. Succulent, sweet, sharp, and juicy, Lulo Clean is smooth-skinned and fresh, a non-distressed version of the original Lulo. A designer’s dream, Lulo Clean is a layered typeface system which can be combined in more ways we can count.

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