A new type of pinspiration

February 11, 2014 , In: Inspiration

If you’re a font aficionado, you will undoubtedly have experienced the humdrum of scrolling through hundreds of lethargy-inducing ABC lettersets. You will have landed on a page and though to yourself “I’ve known the alphabet since I was five, why are they showing it to me again?”

Well, your search is over. Consider this your reward for years of lacklustre lists. Introducing the HypeForType pinboard. Hand-picked fonts shown at their best, with truly stunning visuals designed to capture your imagination and light your inspiration. Browse for hours to find exactly what you need, mine for diamonds with our selection of hidden beauties, and fill your pretty little head with enough ideas to befuddle a think tank.

With the newest fonts shown off in all their glory, you’ll never be short of a new shot of creative juice. Or, if you’re rubbing two pennies together and hoping they’ll spark off a third, you can still get your fix of fonts by sorting by price, because as we all know, some of the best things in life are free.

This really is a new and exciting way to browse fonts. Pull up a seat and tuck in to a visual feast of the finest fonts around. You’ll never be hungry for inspiration again.

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