Adria Slab, 14 fonts with 90% off!

November 14, 2014 , In: New Releases, Sale

It’s been an exciting morning already here at HypeForType (we get up early). What better to get that Friday feeling than a fantastic new font release from type-superstars, Facetype? We knew their last release, Adria Grotesk would be a hard act to follow after it shot to stardom and hit our best sellers list with ease, but they’ve pulled out all stops and we are proud to present Adria Grotesk’s cheerful new companion, Adria Slab.

Where Adria Slab really makes an impact is with the supreme balance between the elegant serifs and the smooth stokes which make up the font. Even at its heaviest weights the typeface retains an air of grace and harmony. Matched with Adria Grotesk, we can see that the whole is so much more than the sum of its parts, as these typefaces intermingle like beautifully choreographed dancers. Grotesk’s simplicity only highlights the details added by Slab.

Save 90% Shop Adria Slab

For a limited time only, we’re bringing you Adria Slab for the incredibly low price of £10.49 for the full 14 font family – that’s a whopping 90%. Get your weekend off to an early start, you deserve it. Shop Adria Slab.

Save 90% Shop Adria Slab