Advertising, Advent, & Christmas Cards: Find Your Font

September 19, 2016 , In: Inspiration

Around this time of year, businesses and advertising agencies across the world are sitting down, taking out their folders of potential festive marketing ideas, and starting serious work on turning these half-formed ideas into the marketing that will actually run, the ‘special’ packaging for winter holiday editions of their products, and all the rest.

Christmas TypographyPrinting companies are clearing time on their schedule ahead of advent calendar orders. The more forward-thinking families are already debating whether to go with shop-bought Christmas cards or to take a family photo and create their own.

For these businesses, agencies, and families, one of the most important things to remember is how to present the written word – or even number, for advent calendars! Luckily, the Christmas fonts selection here at HypeForType is well-maintained and extensive.

Putting festive fonts to use

Holiday branding; custom Christmas card greetings; ‘Letters from Santa’ in reply to your children; advertisements, flyers, something for the local community newsletter, school carol services, and church Order of Service posters, among others, can all add a hefty dash of atmosphere with the right font behind them. Logo designers in particular will want to trial several appropriate fonts before settling on the right one.

Christmas Typography CardWith holly-draped blackletter, elegant script, and beautiful serif fonts among the selection, we offer a range of fonts to be tried, selected, paired, and used as appropriate. The blackletter and the heavier serif options have the kind of impact that makes for iconic logos and attention-grabbing headline fonts, while our charming script selections are perfect for the interior greeting on cards, carol concert songsheets, and to make your flyers stand out from the pack.

Christmas Font Gift CardsThat handwritten style can be too casual for much of the year, but at Christmastime the ambience changes, and a cursive approach to font selection loses its casual air to become instead welcoming and friendly.

Christmas FontsHowever, to offer a slightly different style, pay attention to the sans-serif options in the Christmas range. Our festive sans fonts have in common exceptionally clean lines that make them pop off the page; where script isn’t appropriate for what you’re doing, consider instead using one of these to great effect.

Sans Serif Christmas Card Font

Standing Out with Christmas Spirit

Putting something together for the holidays always leads to big decisions. You want what you make to stand out from the crowd, to make people think of Christmas, and yet not overdo it to the point your readers might reject what you’ve put together.

Christmas typographyGetting that effect requires you to get everything exactly right, so take your time as you look through our selection. Make sure you have all the fonts you’re going to need – but don’t worry too much if you find that you need another one as you work.

We’ll still offer our Christmas selection, after all…