Amazing Deals on Big Font Bundles

February 19, 2017 , In: Announcements

HypeForType introduces a whole new way to shop – Font Bundles! We have our first handful of amazing deals on huge numbers of fonts online now – you can check them all out here – and with bundle discounts reaching as high as 99% in some cases, these are not to be missed!

Perennial and Short-Term Bundles

Display Font BundleBe sure to check back regularly on our bundles, as some are on strict timers and will only be available for a short time. With foundries like the ever-impressive Thinkdust and Yellow Design Studio joining in, these deals are not to be sniffed at – in fact, we’ll go further.

The Simple Fact

If you work with fonts – as a printer, editor, writer, designer, in magazine layout, in brand creation, laying out your pub’s menu – you cannot afford to miss out on these font bundles.

Yellow Design Studio BundleThe best way to get carefully-curated selections in a wide range of different styles from some of the best foundries in operation today, these are indispensable to the professional – and maybe even more essential to those of us who just love to be able to use the right font for everything in our personal life.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Thinkdust Mega BundleNo more wondering whether you’ve got a strong, clear serif or an eye-catching distressed font – one or two bundles like this can top up your collection and open up your options. We have specialist bundles all offering fonts in the same style (or collecting all the fonts in a group of font families, like the Nanami Premium Workhorse Bundle) and others which give you a snapshot of how a particular foundry works. These wider bundles give you a tool for every occasion – and they also tip you off to foundries, font families, and styles you should be keeping a closer eye on.

Don’t Take Our Word for it

F37 BundleYou don’t have to take our word for it. These bundles have been cut down to the kind of price where it’s OK to buy before you try, knowing you’ll get a bunch of the best with HypeForType curating the selection for you.