Amazing Deals on Sale Fonts: January Showcase Part 2

January 25, 2017 , In: Sale

With the January Sale now well under way, it’s definitely time for our second look at some of the hidden highlights currently available at discounts that take them from essentials to not-to-be-missed opportunities. Whatever your font needs, our sale has something for you – so let’s find you something you’ve overlooked!

Rawer FontRawer – 7 fonts by Gaslight

Drawing from Soviet typography, Rawer provides the user with a robust sans with heavy personality which also offers inline and stencil weights. All seven fonts in the family are available at 50% off!w!

Shop Rawer ›››

Branding FontBranding – 14 fonts by Latinotype

A strong sans family whose fourteen fonts cover a variety of weights, Branding is clean at all weights and particularly shines at the heavier weights which incorporate friendly, rounded weights. Right now you can snap it up for 60% off.

Shop Branding ›››

Typometry FontTypometry Pro – 2 fonts by Emil Kozole

A modern take on geometrical typefaces, the two fonts that comprise Typometry Pro are designed for display use, with multiple styles and alternates comprising over 220 glyphs. The sheer variety you can assemble within Typometry Pro’s core style is mindblowing – and so is our 70% discount.

Shop Typometry Pro ›››

Katahdin FontKatahdin – 6 fonts by Tyler Finck

Inspired by and named for an Appalachian mountain, Katahdin is loud, grand and imposing, with multiple styles ranging from clean, crisp and proud to rustic and rough – and the rough fonts are particularly high quality. A 60% discount makes this flexible font a must-buy!

Shop Katahdin›››

Libertad FontLibertad – 14 fonts by TipoType

The fourteen fonts of the Libertad family are a quirky fusion of humanist and grotesque type forms, merging dynamic italics with balanced regulars, and enough weights to be useful in small print or big, attention-grabbing headlines. This is a sans-serif font with serious character, and during the sale it’s 80% off.

Shop Libertad ›››

Nanami Rounded FontNanami Rounded – 18 fonts by Thinkdust

A rounded sans-serif in the style Japan popularised, Nanami Rounded is an update on geometric styles of early Swiss font design. The result is eye-catching and innovative, and at a 90% discount, this great tool for all creatives just got even better.

Shop Nanami Rounded ›››

Revista FontRevista – 26 fonts by Latinotype

A flowing, decorative, but formal calligraphic script married with a Didone-styled serif font family makes for a great font match as well as the flexibility to create multiple distinctive looks which are, nonetheless, all tied together neatly. All 26 fonts are at a 60% discount.

Shop Revista ›››

Monday FontMonday – 3 fonts by Fenotype

With two weights and matching ornament font, Monday is perfect for anyone who wants to hearken back to that hand-lettered sign feel for their logo or brand design. Multiple alternates guarantee eye catching individuality without sacrificing readability. Currently at an 80% discount.

Shop Monday ›››

Latina FontLatina – 22 fonts by Latinotype

A slick, smooth humanist typeface that draws on calligraphic style to enhance a bold, characterful sans. All 22 weights are available at 60% discount.

Shop Latina ›››

BW Darius FontBW Darius – 4 fonts by Branding With Type

The four fonts that make up the Bw Darius show just how versatile the wedge serif style can be, with each weight providing a different tone to the text. Ideal to change up your message without muddying your brand, and currently available at a 65% discount!

Shop BW Darius ›››

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