Atlan, 75% off 16 new fonts

April 5, 2017 , In: New Releases

As if our recent offers were not awesome enough, you’ll be pleased to hear we’re still releasing brand new releases with truly unmissable introductory offers. Hopefully this afternoons lunch hasn’t spoilt your appetite, as now it’s time for desert. With 16 weights ranging from Thin to Heavy, Atlan provides endless design opportunities, with an impressive 75% off the price tag to match!

Atlan Font by Latinotype HFT_01 HFT_02 HFT_03 HFT_04 HFT_05 HFT_06 HFT_07 HFT_08 HFT_09Everyone of these sensational weights is another weapon in your arsenal in the war against boring design. Add the entire Atlan suite of 16 fonts to your type collection today for just £37.50, that’s another unbeatable deal from yours truly, HypeForType!

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