Beginners Guide to Font Pairing

July 27, 2016 , In: How To

One of the least talked about aspects of a designer’s craft is font pairing. That’s always seemed a little odd; when font selection is such a key part of document design, the art of finding complementary fonts deserves more attention. Today we’ll be looking at some great font pairs to see how the process works in action.

Glosa Text & Proxima Nova

Font PairingA little bit of an unusual combination to begin, with Glosa Text’s comparatively lightweight serif font matched against the gravitas of Proxima Nova. Perfect when you want to encourage your readers to pay attention to the body text and not simply skim the header.

Download Glosa Text ›
Download Proxima Nova ›


Encorpada Classic & F37 Ginger

Font Pairing GingerAt first glance, the same principle seems to be in effect here, but that’s with only one line of each; the beautiful work on Encorpada’s serifs gives the headline that ‘glossy magazine’ feel and welcomes you into the article while the weight of F37 Ginger adds a reassuring authority to what follows.

Download Encorpada Classic ›
Download F37 Ginger ›


Prumo Deck & Futura Medium

Futura Font PairingA tasteful combination of fonts here which gives the impression of thoughtful restraint. This is an interesting pairing in that you might well flip which is the header font and which is used for body text according to taste, or perhaps even the subject matter at hand.

Download Prumo Deck ›
Download Futura Medium ›


Cultura New & Velino Poster

Font Pairing VelinoThe light serifs of Cultura New contrast pleasingly with the near-slab weight of Velino Poster. This combination gives a beautiful continental elegance to anything it’s used with; invitations, magazine articles, or advertisements could all benefit from this font pairing.

Download Cultura New ›
Download Velino Poster ›


Cabrito & Cabrito Sans

Font Pairing CabritoThe thick, rounded serifs of Cabrito are both beautiful enough and pronounced enough to make it absolutely distinct from sister font Cabrito Sans, and that additional ‘pep’ makes it such a complementary header font to a main body of text in Cabrito Sans.

Download Cabrito ›
Download Cabrito Sans ›


Velino Text & Prelo

Font Pairing PreloTwo beautiful lightweight fonts here with a sleek modernist style to them. Velino Text’s elegance is nicely offset by the light, quirky spin on sans serif Prelo offers – look at the short arm on the r and the slightly extended ear on the r – producing a combination that will bring a smile to anyone reading what these two fonts have to say.

Download Velino Text ›
Download Prelo ›


Thirsty Rough & Eveleth

Font PairingTwo great distressed fonts for that authentic hand-printed look, this partnership would be perfect for advertising posters for indie concert venues, hip cafes and bars. Just looking at them in combination conjures up an immediate feel for anything they’re used with – a perfect opportunity for branding.

Download Velino Text ›
Download Prelo ›


Prumo Poster & Faith and Glory

Font Pairing Faith & GloryTwo great distressed fonts for that authentic hand-printed look, this partnership would be perfect for advertising posters for indie concert venues, hip cafes and bars. Just looking at them in combination conjures up an immediate feel for anything they’re used with – a perfect opportunity for branding.

Download Prumo Poster ›
Download Faith & Glory ›


BW Stretch & Humble Hearts


Humble Hearts Font PairingWith a firm weight, BW Stretch gives you a great, impactful opening, while Humble Hearts adds an uplifting tone to the rest of the news. This one is a great way to put together invitations to parties, joyful family neds, and other upbeat, short pieces.

Download BW Stretch ›
Download Humble Hearts ›


Kinfolk Pro & BW Modelica

Font Pairing Kinfolk ProIn many ways you could use this in the opposite way to the previous combination. The weight of Kinfolk Pro is combined with a beautiful, organic series of curves is striking and graceful, while BW Modelica allows you to present detail in classic, easy-to- follow text beneath your heading. This font pairing establishes character up front.

Download Kinfolk Pro ›
Download BW Modelica ›

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