The 10 best font foundries of 2013

January 8, 2014 , In: Inspiration

As Google continues to strive towards world domination, they are dipping their digital fingers into everything, including fonts. The Google Fonts directory is served by other monolithic font foundries such as Adobe and Monotype. With the vast majority of fonts coming from the minority of designers (#wearethe99percent), it’s almost too easy for the true heroes of typographical design to go uncelebrated.

Here are 10 of our favourite designers through 2013 – check out their fonts and see what real talent can do.


Based in Argentina, Sudtipos is a collaborative effort between four design powerhouses, Ale Paul, Ariel Garofalo, Claudio Pousada, and Diego Giaccone. Between them, these incredible designers have lectured in world-renowned universities, done design work for incredibly influential global brands such as Pepsi and FoxKids, and have more well deserved awards than you could shake a stick at.

We have 24 font families available, but our favourite Sudtipos font is the wonderful Aladin Pro font; we can’t get enough of the Eastern style oozing from every curve. Perfect for advertising your magic carpet rides across the starlit city of Agrabah!

HVD Fonts

Founded in 2008 by the German designer Hannes von Döhren, HVD Fonts has produced an array of superb, award winning fonts. From fonts designed with text use in mind to fantastic fonts for display purposes, HVD Fonts has been featured on Domino’s Pizza menus, Foot Locker store fronts, and even in the hit video for David Guetta/Rihanna ‘Who’s That Chick?’ Talk about fonts you see everywhere!

With 12 font families available on HypeForType, you have loads to choose from, but we love the Subway Type collection, which has been specially designed to represent the typical features of graffiti in urban strongholds such as New York, Paris, and Berlin. Ideal for creating something truly genuine.

Yellow Design Studio

Yellow Design Studio are the masterminds behind the incredibly popular Anodyne font. A font radiating possibilities, Anodyne comes with a huge array of symbols and multilingual characters and you can see the amount of work YDS have put into it.

As well as some of the most popular fonts around, Yellow Design Studio also creates some spectacularly detailed artwork, using bold colours and vibrant shapes to create pieces we could never get tired of looking at. Their website showcases these wonderfully.


FontFabric have released an incredible variety of top quality fonts since their inception in 2008, and they are staying true to their mission of creating fonts which any designer could base their project around, from web projects to t-shirts.

Because trying to pick one favourite font from FontFabric would be like trying to pick a favourite of two twins, our top two from this fab foundry are Noveu and Pastel. Noveu is a fresh and exciting take on the classic bold filled font, and Pastel is drenched in versatility and makes your toes tingle with options (and they are both a part of our incredible sale!).

Laura Worthington

In just a few short years, Laura Worthington has transformed from graphic designer into an award winning typography designer. With some extremely intricate fonts, Laura has a flair and passion for stylistic and calligraphically perfect fonts which has led her to working with several Fortune 500 companies. Her website is also a great resource for the typographically minded, as she has a regularly updated journal with news and info about workshops and general insight into the world of a font designer.

One of Laura’s latest fonts, Harlean, will make you wish it had been available ten years ago, just so you could include it in every design you’ve created.

Latino Type

Latino Type is based in Chile, and are extremely proud of their Latin American heritage. They have taken it upon themselves to bring a diverse range of classic ideas and archetypes into the modern design scene, with an added Latino love for passion and flair.

Most of the women (and some of the men!) on the HypeForType team can’t get enough of Love Story; with its heart shaped tittles it’s almost too adorable. (Bonus fact – the word ‘tittle’ which refers to the dot on an ‘i’ is where the phrase ‘to a T’ comes from; the phrase used to be ‘to a tittle’, meaning right down to every detail.)


Founded more than 20 years ago, RedRooster have more than 120 fonts available through HypeForType. Founded by a graphical artist with over 30 years of experience in the field, everything created by RedRooster is sublime.

As for a favourite font, RedRooster have so many to choose from that even narrowing it down to a short-list becomes almost impossible, but we do have a soft spot for the festive El Paso Pro, a type face with an excellent variety of weights, which really transports you to the Cinqo de Mayo, sipping sangria in the sun.


Fenotype are based in the historical city of Turku, the oldest city in Finland. You can see how this incredible environment fosters creativity and beauty in the 35+ fonts we have available from Fenotype, each of which is extremely high quality with great detailing.

Our top Fenotype font is the wonderful FT Grandpa’s Script. The mere hint of this font transports you back to the realm of quills and ink pots, where every design was created painstakingly by hand and cursive writing was the mark of an educated man. This month, Grandpa’s Script is reduced from the already excellent price of £6.50 to the tiny cost of £3.25 – worth having just to enjoy the beauty of the design.


DSType are another of our multi-award winning foundries, sharing such accolades as 2013’s top fonts. They have also worked with some high profile names, such as The Observer, Cosmopolitan, and Electronic Arts – their fonts are truly widespread.

We absolutely love the detailing on Braga, one of their most popular fonts. With so many options available to accessorise the base font, you can create a huge variety of looks and styles to suit your requirements. The font takes both its name and its baroque style from the Portuguese city of Braga.


Last (but certainly not least), there are some incredible talents producing fonts right here for HypeForType. We have now got six volumes of our exclusively available fonts with incredible typefaces from talents such as Alex Trochut & FilthyMedia. And, for those of you who are fans of F37’s Bella (one of our most popular fonts of all time, and well deserved, too) Rick Banks of Face_37 has stepped up to the mark for a second time, with Bella’s sensational sequel, Ginger.

As if it wasn’t all wonderful enough, we will even send you the glorious goodies straight to your inbox. Sign up for our email newsletter today, and you can get 5 fonts for free, because we’re just that nice! And for more exclusive info, previews, and even chances to win, check out our blog and follow us on our social media accounts (we’re on all the usual places!). We even have t-shirts.

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