The best free fonts to download

August 14, 2012 , In: New Releases

Everyone loves free typefaces, however when it destroys your print job or corrupts your Photoshop file it’s a different story.

So, with that in mind here’s our top 10 free fonts to download for 2012. We’ve selected a few from HypeForType, and also others we’ve spotted from various graphic designers.

Here’s our pick for some of the best free fonts to download:

Citizen Slab Free Font Download

Citizen Slab Font designed by Joel Felix.

Accent Free Font To Download

Accent Font designed by Nelson Balaban.

Sanchez Font designed by LatinoType.

Tikal Sans Free Font Download

Tikal Sans Font designed by LatinoType.

Code Pro Free Font Download

Code Pro Font designed by FontFabric.

Bariol Free Font

Bariol Font designed by Atipo.

Figa Free Font Download

Figa Font designed by Pier Paolo.

Silverflake Font Free Download

Silverflake Font designed by FontFabric.

Merge Free Font Download

Merge Font designed by Philatype.

Intro Free Font Download

Intro Free Font designed by FontFabric.

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