Brand new fonts for August 12th

August 12, 2014 , In: New Releases

Brand new fonts for August 12th

Here at HypeForType, talent scouting is a top-of-the-list task. While the amazing foundries we already work with are regularly publishing some really top quality fonts, there’s always something special about adding a new foundry to our collection. So, here for you today we have some hot new fonts coming to HypeForType, several from firm foundry favourites, and some brand new fonts for you to feast your eyes on…

Delicious Pro

Delicious Pro – 1 Font designed by Yes Please

Sometimes, a design needs a little added get-up-and-go, and in terms of bringing energy to a piece Delicious Pro runs rings around most other fonts. Each character is delightfully detailed; every element from swashes to terminals to the delightful OpenType ligatures, brings a level of dynamism and vigour rarely seen outside of sports personalities and obsessive businesspeople. Take this feisty fireball of a font out for a spin today, available now at HypeForType.

Shop Delicious Pro


Superb – 1 Font designed by Resistenza

They say that it takes two to tango, but Superb is a font which sashays stylishly across the page under its very own power. It doesn’t need back-up, call off the cavalry; this font stands up to any challenge alone, and looks fabulous at the same time, kind of like Charlie’s Angels, or James Bond. And if Superb is 007, then OpenType is its martini (shaken, not stirred). With the charm and sophistication of a seventies Roger Moore, Superb shows off a dazzling array of OpenType options without breaking a sweat. Get the sultry and exotic Superb by Resistenza now at HypeForType.

Shop Superb


Workaday – 2 Fonts designed by Yes Please

Sometimes, there’s no getting around it, and a report must be produced. But no-one ever said it had to look dull and boring. Shake off the Calibri blues, and give your body content the professional polish it deserves. Workaday is an expert in headlines too, with small details you wouldn’t notice if they weren’t there, but seeing them just adds an extra dimension. No-one will care what your next report says when you produce it in a font as charming and refined as Workaday, by Yes Please.

Shop Workaday


Lichtspiele – 11 Fonts designed by Typocalypse

A Lichtspiele (German cinemas) is a place of wonder, transporting you to times of past and future, places near and far. Such amazing variety can be found too in the font by Typocalypse of the same name. With the erratic, aimless nature of the Trailer font, through the novel and exciting contra-italics and the charming added detail of the Screen Credits font, Lichtspiele is fully equipped to transform and transport your designs in a myriad directions of your choosing. Pick your path now at HypeForType.

Shop Lichtspiele


Macarons – 7 Fonts designed by Latinotype

Macarons is another font from Latinotype which has been crafted by hand, character by character, in order to create not just a font but an experience. Take yourself away to the culinary heart of France, and immerse yourself in delectable dishes created with local produce – the diet can wait until tomorrow. Alternatively take Marcons out for a spin; with six fonts in the family, Marcon puts enough delight at your disposal to ensure the delectation of many, and all who partake will be transported to Marsaille for their own private moment with Marcons. Dine happy now at HypeForType.

Save 75% Shop Macarons


Modernica -16 Fonts designed by Latinotype

Straight-faced and stony, Modernica tells it as it is. Not because it’s cruel, or because it’s nice, but just because that’s the way things are, and Modernica is a font that likes things to be simple. Many people misunderstand Modernica, thinking it lacks personality, but those who know it well see a font with a refined taste and love of the finer things in life. Modernica’s hard exterior hides a soft centre, a stern business-font who likes to get home and play with the kids.
Modernica is great for print and text formats that aim for seriousness without boredom. Each typeface includes Open Type features for every occasion, including small caps, modern or old style figures, ligatures and much more to give an otherwise dry piece a sense of enjoyment.

Save 85% Shop Modernica

bd qualle

BD Qualle – 1 Font designed by Typedifferent

As a font, BD Qualle epitomises childish excitement, joy, and frivolity. It takes your hand and pulls you along to the party, and whether or not you intended to go, you know you’ll have a good time with BD Qualle. Making waves in the world of headlines, BD Qualle can take you diving to the bottom of the sea, and then up; soaring to new heights above the grey clouds and out into the sun. It will always be okay with BD Qualle by Typedifferent, now available at HypeForType, to make sure you’re okay too.

Save 50% Shop BD Qualle


Optilus – 4 Fonts designed by Toormix

Optilus is a font with a few tricks up its sleeve and a rabbit in its top hat. Always looking to dazzle and amaze, Optilus’ main trick is never appearing the same way twice, with plenty of family members to step in at a moment’s notice and change the look just so slightly. Playing with a sense of identity and optical illusion, Optilus and all its family members are always ready to try something creative; perfect for colourful and expressive design projects.

Shop Optilus

zennat pro

Zennat Pro – 8 Fonts designed by Latinotype

Zennat is as pragmatic as it is steady-handed, always looking for the most efficient solution, if not the easiest. Zennat can endure a lot, so it doesn’t mind being a little cramped if it means fitting everything in, all it asks is that you let it take its time and excuse a little bit of untidiness.
When it does get a bit of breathing room, Zennat knows how to make an impact, letting loose with all its might and making an impression that won’t be forgotten. Although it can dress up nicely, Zennat is equally at home in its rough and untidy self, and can even carry on going when worn down to the core. Ideal for making an impact, either big and bold or compressed and efficient, Zennat is great for logos, headlines and graphics.

Save 80% Shop Zennat Pro

servus slab

Servus Slab – 18 Fonts designed by Dada Studio

A fan of the Classics, Servus Slab likes to imagine itself back in the days of Rome, reliving their ancient days of glory, reading the works of great early thinkers. Although it has its mind on the past, Servus Slab doesn’t have its head in the clouds. Down to earth and pragmatic, Servus Slab is a font that likes to see things done properly, going the extra mile to make sure that no detail is missed. Well educated in etiquette and form, Servus knows a little bit about everything, and can fit itself into any occasion with a decent understanding of how to proceed. Use Servus in text or print formats for a classic and traditional edge.

Save 90% Shop Servus Slab

genica pro

Genica Pro – 1 Font designed by NDiscovered

Genica is a font with a smile on its face. It will take your hand and run laughing into the sunny afternoon, and before you know it you’ll be laughing too, frolicking in the long grass and letting your troubles wash away. Every glyph has a grin on it somewhere, from the cheerful charm of the lowercase ‘e’ to the sarcastic smirk of the ‘o’. This is a display typeface built to delight, and it lives up to that mandate with fanfare. Brighten up your day with Genica Pro by Ndiscovered, available now at HypeForType.

Save 75% Shop Genica Pro

mangerica pro

Mangerica – 9 Fonts designed by NDiscovered

A wonderfully eclectic font, Mangerica doesn’t ascribe labels or fit in any predefined pigeon holes. The exciting variety granted through just the simple act of changing the weight of the face gives your design a myriad of options which all gel well together – the faces are the same, only different. Mangerica is a font which reads well as a body font, scales up well as a display and headline font, and can comfortably carry a design to the level of stardom it deserves. Mangerica by Ndiscovered is now available at HypeForType.

Save 50% Shop Mangerica

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