Brand new fonts for November 12th

November 12, 2014 , In: New Releases

We’ve often been known to commend versatility and a wide range of applications in fonts, so we’ve taken a lesson from that this week. Here are just some of the beautiful brand new fonts we’ve got at HypeForType, and my, what an eclectic bunch. From charming sans serifs to display fonts sure to get the blood flowing, these releases from some of our most popular designers have got something for everyone, even you really picky ones.

Sparkle – Ryan Keightley

Ryan Keightley’s Sparkle is a kindly and hospitable soul, enjoying the company of friends and strangers alike in front of an open hearth or around a campfire, taking pleasure in conversation long into the night. With over OpenType 800 glyphs and a charmingly characterful set of ornaments, Sparkle has options and potential in abundance, and will shine a ray of light into the darkness of type decisions, making the path sparkling clear.

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Boucherie – Laura Worthington

Another masterpiece from Laura Worthington, Boucherie is less a single font and more of a small but perfectly formed set of fonts. With four distinct styles, different yet beautifully harmonious, along with ornaments, frames, and catchwords, Boucherie has taken the hard work out of finding complementary fonts. Capturing and combining contemporary and familiar creates warmth and eliminates false formality. A true must-have.

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Cabrito Sans – Insigne

The Cabrito range of fonts from Insigne is one of our favourite typography tales of 2014, and the story continues with Cabrito Sans. A whopping 48-font family, Cabrito Sans continues the tradition of extremely well crafted fonts, with every glyph a lovingly recreated sans version of Cabrito. Strolling along the beach on a cool summer’s evening, casual, charming, and relaxed, Cabrito Sans is a star addition to any type collection, whether it includes Cabrito & Cabrito Inverto, or if it’s the first of this fine family to join your team.

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Dejavu TF – Ethanissweet

Dejavu TF by Ethanissweet is, if it’s possible, a quintessential experimental display typeface. It grabs life by the horns and drags the bull out to the party on any night of the week. With distinct differences between the upper and lower case glyph sets and a natural progression through light, regular, bold, and outline, Dejavu TF creates diversity amongst similarity. Eye-catchingly exciting, no matter the context, the leonine Dejavu TF preys upon the weaker typefaces in the pack; the boring and unimaginative stand no chance here.

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Flounder – Dominik Krotscheck

With Flounder, Dominik Krotscheck has created something which is different and interesting enough to grab attention, but so evocative and reminiscent of the true type classics that it slots in alongside them without any ruffled feathers. Flounder will carry half the weight of your headlines, elevating the interesting and creating stratospheric fascination. The kind of trade tool you can’t be without.

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Garden – Los Andes Type

Drawing inspiration from the vivid, rich culture of Brazil, Garden by Los Andes Type is bursting with passion and joy. Laced with lively serifs, every glyph has its own personality, each of them fierce and striking, filling the air with spirited camaraderie and potential. Delightfully designed in a way which leaves your creative options open, Garden is just as versatile as a beautiful bouquet of flowers and invigorates designs just as a bouquet might rejuvenate a tired table top. Bring a new lease of life to your designs today.

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Mangerica Italic – Ndiscovered

Mangerica Italic follows in the footsteps of Mangerica, and lives up to its predecessor’s excellent example wonderfully. Extremely meticulously constructed by Ndiscovered, Mangerica Italic is friendly and cheerful, managing to create impact and hold attention at large display sizes, whilst simultaneously being legible and attractive at smaller text sizes. Versatile and adaptable, Mangerica Italic can bring its upbeat attitude to any number of applications, and is a type-toolkit essential.

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Natalia – Walking Fearless

Natalia looks out at a world laced tight with rubric and regulation, and decided that as long as you do what is right, you don’t have to follow all the rules. Outspoken, playful, and just a little bit brash, Natalia adds a sparkling, effervescent exuberance and encourages experimentation. Often ending up in places where you might not expect to see her but looking as though she was built for that position, Natalia will make your adventures in design more exhilarating than you thought possible.

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Butternut – Ryan Keightley

A delicious font by Ryan Keightley, Butternut is soft and protean, evoking gentle exploration and the nurture of nature with an authentic sigh. Equally at home on the menu of a rustic vegetarian bistro as in the logo of a contemporary brand. Describe tradition, homeliness, and family values; depict vivacity, groundedness, and a la mode thinking. Versatility is rarely this close to home.

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