Brand new fonts for November 24th

November 23, 2014 , In: New Releases

Whether you’re a fan of the display font, a sucker for a good sans serif, or if you love every typeface you can get your hands on, the HypeForType brand new fonts newsletter has got something to brighten your Monday. With foundries new to HypeForType sharing their wares for the first time, and old friends back again with something new, this week is off to a font-astic start.

Seren Script – Typefaith Fonts

Seren Script is the sans serif life companion of Typefaith Fonts’ Moonface Script. Laid back, relaxed, and comfortable in its own skin, Seren Script is settled and confident. Offering up a ton of OpenType options from swashes to stylistic alternates and everything in between, Seren Script doesn’t feel confined by the traditional definitions of ‘beauty’ and ‘glamour’ – and this just makes it all the more beautiful and glamourous.

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Accura Sans – dootype

Accura Sans by dootype is a happy little typeface which cuts through the possible boredom of the sans-serif world with its clean lines and friendly curves. You can always rely on Accura Sans to carry heavy loads, and work in all conditions. Its versatility is matched only by the quality of its design.

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Picastro Script – Typefaith Fonts

Picastro is a font with more than meets the eye. Typefaith Fonts have designed Picastro to be a two-in-one typeface option, with drop and blade faces. Drop is rounded, friendly and fun-loving, with an easy, contagious laugh. Blade is the more serious of this dynamic partnership, with a quicker temper and sharper edges. Paired together they are as likable as a cop-movie double act, and they come fully equipped with OpenType options to make sure they always catch the bad guy.

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Andes Rounded – Latinotype

Another fantastic release from Latinotype, Andes Rounded is a clean-cut and progressive typeface which wholeheartedly supports you in all your endeavours. The gentle serifs lap calmly at the shores, ranging from ultra-light to black, and surrounded by excellent OpenType and language support.

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Moonface Script – Typefaith Fonts

Moonface Script by Typefaith Fonts is an elegant flowing script typeface which makes fantastic use of OpenType features to include swashes, ligatures, alternates, and a ton of other options too. They say there’s a dark side of the moon, but Moonface Script does a very good job of bringing vintage moonlit beauty into all corners of a design. Sultry and organic, Moonface Script is coming to Earth, and we can’t wait.

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Brandall – Artimasa

A beautiful handwritten script by Artimasa, Brandall brings to mind elaborate vintage calligraphy and intricately printed greetings cards. It’s personal and carries a tonne of personality too. Designed with many OpenType options, you can fine tune Brandall to provide the exact outcome you need, and have fun doing it.

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Lev Serif – Typefaith Fonts

The angular shoulders and rectangular serifs of Lev by Typefaith Fonts are in an aesthetically appealing contrast with traditionally curved slab character forms; Lev is a crisp and smartly dressed gentleman, but also someone’s favourite granddad who’s willing to take his shoes off and sit in the sand pit. We can see the formal and professional side of Lev in the standard light to black faces, and the fun-loving side shines through the hand-drawn and deco faces. Lev is more than just your usual slab serif.

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Fonago – Locomotype

There are two sides to every coin, and Fonago is a typeface which follows that tradition. In the sunshine, dressed up in bright colours and with daylight streaming all around, Fonago could be found on any circus banner. The night brings darkness and decay however, and Fonago might be looming over you from a dusty abandoned fun house. It’s in your hands what you choose to do, but Fonago will put its all into it.

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Frye – Typefaith Fonts

An all-caps display font by TypeFaith Fonts, Frye Caps is friendly and approachable. With its hand-lettered joviality, it brings to mind regularly updated chalkboards boasting the day’s artisanal teas and coffees, bustling city streets, and cheerful patrons. The ornaments add a touch of something special, creating a well-rounded motif that makes you want to try it out.

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Fonesh – Locomotype

Fonesh is the kind of font it’s always good to have around, much like coarse sea salt. When you’re cooking a delicious meal, the right seasoning is crucial, and when creating a modern, clean, contemporary design, the font can make it or break it. That’s why having a steadfast and versatile typeface you can always break out in any given situation is so important. Fonesh is ready to become your new standby.

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