Cindy Kinash Interview

July 8, 2016 , In: Interviews

The newest member of our global HypeForType crew is the awesome Cultivated Mind foundry, aka super-talented typographer Cindy Kinash. Cindy’s work is a dazzling blend of original contemporary with well-chosen vintage inspiration. Check out the fun yet graceful calligraphy turns of Mulberry, or the endless internal variety packed into in the attention-grabbing True North family. The eye-catching detail in every bit of Cultivated Mind’s output makes Cindy’s work a sure-fire choice every time for her many fans – including us. An awesome collection of Cultivated Mind fonts will be among our whopping 8000 new releases so we thought we’d mark the special occasion with an interview with creator, Cindy.

Welcome aboard HypeForType, Cindy. Can you tell us a little about how you trained and when you became attracted to type design as a passion?
I studied Graphic Design at NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) in Edmonton Alberta. I started out as an Apparel Graphic Designer creating t-shirt designs and artwork for the Action Sports Industry. I felt that hand lettering was my favourite thing to do as a Graphic Designer. It was becoming a passion and something I was really good at. I worked in Los Angeles as a t-shirt designer and felt I didn’t have passion in what I did anymore. I needed a new challenge or career. I was becoming obsessed with hand lettering and found that there wasn’t many great handwritten fonts at the time. I decided to make my first handwritten font “Hello I Like You”. I made sales right away and my new typography career started. I’ve been passionate about fonts ever since.

How do you start work on a font? Where does your inspiration come from for new work?
I usually will see handwritten typography that catches my eye. A lot of the time it’s vintage handwritten typography I found in a vintage book or just handwritten lettering I’ve seen in a magazine. I will then use it as inspiration and do rough sketches of my own letters. Then I will decide if I should paint or ink the lettering. If I paint the letters I usually don’t need to sketch the letters beforehand. If I ink the letter then I always make final sketches before hand. Then I erase the letters and ink over them.

Cindy Kinash

Cindy Kinash has a working style that’s resulted in some truly versatile families. Try her Local Brewery which contains every font variation you’ll need for a hip brand, beer or eatery launch. Or something dreamier, like Wanderlust, which blends an organic look with an upbeat paintbrush feel.

Cindy, how do you describe your typography style?
It’s definitely a fun and playful handwritten style. Usually my style is either painted brush letters or inked. I guess my style is kind of trendy too.

Cindy Kinash

As a working typographer, how do you keep evolving and learning?
I keep evolving and learning as a designer by keeping up with graphic and font trends. I try to keep an eye open to what type of fonts and graphics are popular at the time. Fonts trends change so fast so if you want to be a successful typographer it’s great to keep up with what is popular. I am constantly learning about Fontlab software. Fontlab is a very extensive program and takes time to learn. I also continue to tweak my process to make my fonts flow better. There is so much involved with font development. I learn so much every time I create a new Typeface.

Cindy Kinash

Any advice for the young designers out there who are excited by a possible career in typography?
My first advice is you must love Typography. If you love typography then I believe you will find your style and love creating lettering at the same time. If you have passion and patients you could become really great at typography. I also believe social media helps. It’s important to get your work out there for other people to see.

Cindy Kinash

Thanks so much Cindy, and just a final plug for HypeForType…! Why do you think Hype is the right platform for you as a designer?
HypeForType is a wonderful vendor website full of the best font designers so it’s great to be part of a website as notable as HypeForType. I also really like the website because it’s so appealing and well designed. It’s easy to purchase fonts and has a great following. Just for that we’re going to splash out and give a big welcome to Cultivated Mind at HypeForType with a cool 50% off all their releases for 4 weeks. We know you’re all of a cultivated mind so go mad and fill your boots with some of Cindy’s font beauties – your clients and Cindy Kinash will thank you!

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