Custom Brand Fonts

March 9, 2017 , In: How To

When developing a brand identity, it’s important to make sure that everything about your company reflects that identity, from the company colours and logo right down to the fonts chosen for your written material.

As any designer worth their salt will tell you, you can say more about your company with the way the words you use look than you can with what those words say – and you can say it faster.

Developing a Brand Font

HypeForType and the foundries we work with are regularly approached by businesses looking to strengthen their brand identity by taking the extra step of adopting a ‘brand font’.

While smaller companies will often simply find an eye-catching serif or sans that both fits their style and stands out, as the business grows it becomes both more important and more economically sensible to take the extra step and not just buy a good font and use licence – but to buy a unique font to keep.

Elixia Custom Font(Custom font created by F37 Foundry for Elixia, a nordic fitness brand).

Dar Custom Font(Elixia custom font in use throughout all Elixia health suites).

Dar Custom Font

Putting This into Practice

There are many ways to do this, and whenever a business approaches us we’re very happy to walk you through the process – don’t hesitate to get in touch – but one of the most recent involved one of our favourite foundries (and one of our exclusive fonts), Face37 and the font F37 Ginger.

Now, Ginger is a beautiful clean sans in a number of weights, and it’s easy to see why Treatwell were interested; the beauty brand focuses on spa treatments, healthy looks, and the clean lines of Ginger sync up well with their brand identity.

Treatwell Custom Font(Custom font produced with for Treatwell).

They’d made their choice of style, and their brand refresh team at DesignStudio had identified F37 Ginger as the perfect fit – but they wanted to make sure that Treatwell would present something unique, and worked with HypeForType to modify certain characters in the font to create that unique style.

That done – and with some checks in place to ensure the fonts would be legible and attractive across all print and digital media – the Treatwell Sans font was created and exclusively licensed to the company.

Walking the Fine Line

Other clients don’t have the font they need in mind when they approach us and we work with them to help match brand language style and brand font style, then to create the unique version that fits even better.

Custom Font(Custom brand font produced with branding agency Purple, for the London Worldskills event).

Custom Font(Creating a unique, core brand identity through the power of a custom font).

Custom Font(Rita Special in use through a variety of display signage at the Worldskills London event).

Whatever the case, there’s a fine line to be handled here, ensuring that your brand font is eye-catching and distinctive, but also that anything you need to release can be published in it without outstaying its welcome.

Throw in the need to be sure it supports all languages you do business in, and it’s the kind of challenge any designer relishes, and we’re looking forward to working with you to achieve something very special.

Why not get in touch and we can get started?