Darwin Pro: 14 weight super sans with wild savings

March 15, 2017 , In: New Releases

The original Darwin sans turned heads, merging multiple vintage styles while keeping a close eye on the future. Darwin Pro is the next exciting evolutionary stage for a superb font from the Los Andes foundry. Darwin has been completely redrawn as the new Darwin Pro, with a contemporary minimalist’s eye and a wealth of awesome detail including cool alternates, brand new figure sets, 14 weights, and much much more. Shop Darwin Pro, and save yourself 82%…

Darwin ProDarwin Pro Darwin ProDarwin ProDarwin ProDarwin Pro     Darwin Pro Darwin Pro    For a very short time we can offer the full flexible package of Darwin Pro for only £25! That’s a full 14 weights that shape the font right from slim and elegant to eye-catching and chunky, plus all the alternates, the new range of figures, italics on top and the promise of a truly workable sans that will fit expertly into your projects and help them evolve. Nothing stays still in nature or the font world, so catch Darwin Pro today to make sure that 82% discount is all yours…

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