End of the Year New Font Round-Up Part 2

November 28, 2016 , In: New Releases

As the year comes to an end the creativity of our font foundries is showing no signs of slowing! In this and the next post we’ll be taking a look at the new arrivals that might just catch your eye.

If you’re at all interested in developments in fonts – and if you’re on this blog we’re confident that you are – you owe it to yourself to check these out…

Isidora Font

Isidora – 28 fonts by Latinotype

A geometric serif which takes typewriter-styled typefaces of the early 20th century and brings them right up to date, Isidora is brilliantly designed for flexible use as body text and headlines anywhere in print or web publishing.

Shop Isidora ›››

Bikini Season

Bikini Season – 2 fonts by Los Andes Type

A script and sans font duo, Bikini Season – like many duos – is tailor made to create a unified style across logo and associated materials. The sans is chic and clean, while the bold, flowing calligraphic lines of the script give a very modern touch.

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Queulat Font

Queulat – 25 fonts by Latinotype

This hybrid typeface draws inspiration from Modern and Grotesk font traditions, producing a unique and quirky look which remains professional throughout. Using the alternative version in combination with the primary allows you to introduce a greater modernity to the text, bringing with it that beautiful teardrop terminal style.

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Rodger Font

Rodger – 5 fonts by Central Type Company

The rounded terminals of this stylish throwback sans serif will immediately remind many of the 1970s, evoking an entire era of style with a single letter – but this is no simple revival but a reimagining which plays with the limits of the true geometric to ensure each glyph is lively and engaging.

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Textbook New Font

Textbook New – 8 fonts by ParaType

Revamped and revised from an earlier outing, Textbook New ultimately draws inspiration from a 1987 font called Bukvarnaya or TextBook), designed for elementary education textbooks. This reinvention of an early sans is designed to be easily and comfortably read in print and on screen, and to make reading whatever’s written in it less daunting for those looking on.

Shop Textbook New ›››

Greycliffe Font

Greycliff CF – 14 fonts by Connary Fagen

A beautiful sans-serif font family boasting strong capitals and an open lower case, this font blends the classic style of 1940s publications with the more vibrant shapes and softened edges of a contemporary, screen-friendly font. Walking that line isn’t easy, but Greycliff CF does it well, and the seven weights with additional obliques give an astonishing level of flexibility.

Shop Greycliff CF ›››

Austral Slab Font

Austral Slab – 18 fonts by Antipixel

A staggering 433 characters with support for 206 different languages are at the heart of Gabriela Stencil, an elegant serif font inspired by the Didone typefaces of the 19th century. This classic style makes for a highly readable font with the authority needed for articles and headlines, as well as prospectuses and other publishing projects. It’s available in six weights, with matching italics for each.

Shop Austral Slab ›››

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