F37 Bolton font by Rick Banks

August 10, 2016 , In: New Releases

He’s done it again! Rick Banks, the British born designer behind our best-selling font F37 Bella has released arguably his strongest font family to date. F37 Bolton font family contains distinctive horizontal ascenders and descenders which make it stand out whilst remaining tastefully businesslike. Put simply, it’s the hottest sans-serif out right now…

 F37_Bolton_Font2 F37_Bolton_Font3 F37_Bolton_Font4 F37_Bolton_Font5 F37_Bolton_Font6 F37_Bolton_Font7 F37_Bolton_Font8 F37_Bolton_Font9 F37_Bolton_Font10 F37_Bolton_Font11 F37_Bolton_Font12 F37_Bolton_Font13

F37 Bolton Typeface

Modern sans-serifs are the way to go for stylish brand development, packaging work thats truly leaves a mark, or a webfont that’s not been used a million times before. So with that in mind, now is the time to get ahead of the game and pick up the hottest sans-serif out right now. Add F37 Bolton to your type collection today.

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