Font Bundles Revised

April 11, 2017 , In: New Releases

Back in February we put the spotlight on our new range of font bundles – but as we noted back then, there’s a limited-time window on many of these deals!

As things have moved on since then, we thought it was high time to remind you that if you don’t drop by regularly, you’re going to miss out!

So what’s new?

Facetype Display Bundle

Facetype BundleThere’s a timer ticking away on FaceType Foundry’s FaceType Bundle. Designed as a showcase of the best display fonts they offer, this bundle provides no less than 44 fonts in an incredibly wide variety of styles; just compare the gothic/steampunk fusion that is Aeronaut with the amazing sans-serif Darjeeling, scaling from a very characterful but simple sans to one of the most quirkily ornamental sans fonts out there, and you’ll get a very clear idea.

Up until the end of June you’ll have the chance to own all these spectacular combining fonts for a shockingly low price. Designers who miss out on this opportunity are going to kick themselves!

Competition from Tipotype

Tipotype BundleAnother display bundle on offer comes all the way from Uraguay.

TipoType’s entry into the display stakes carries 23 top-tier fonts, from simple but well-proportioned and characterful sans-serif pieces like Amelia Rounded (exclusive to the bundle) – which will make anything written in it pop on the screen – through the distinct, captivating multi-lined Arya variants up to the almost handwritten-styled sans of Libertad, passing through the spectacular Carmencita on the way.

This isn’t just a great bundle, it’s the sort of collection that can put a foundry on the map as something to watch later. There are plenty of dependable ‘workhorse’ fonts in TipoType’s Display Bundle, but there’s also some standouts that no other foundry would be likely to produce – and those are the ones that mark the Uraguayan design studio as one to watch for the future.

The Face37 Showcase

F37 BundleLongterm blog readers – and just about any regular visitor to this site – will know that the award-winning Face37 routinely creates new and amazing typefaces in a wide variety of styles. The F37 Bundle gives you an opportunity to put a whopping 35 of these fantastic fonts to work for you at a jaw-droppingly low price.

This isn’t just of interest to designers – anyone who cares about how their content is presented needs to have some of Rick Banks’ work in their typeface toolbox, ready for use – but again, a designer who fails to pick this one up is hurting their budget down the line.