Fonts for the Special Day: Making your Wedding Look Right

July 18, 2016 , In: Inspiration

It’s always described as a day to remember; photographers will snap hundreds if not thousands of shots and, these days, spend hours editing the commemorative video, too, all to give you something breathtaking to enjoy forever. But your wedding’s look doesn’t happen on the day; it begins early in the planning, and the right wedding typeface can help you set the tone from the off with the way your invitations look, as well as any other written pieces you circulate on or before the day. Because getting this right is so important, we thought we’d take a look at some wedding fonts that are perfect for setting the tone of their weddings.

Jacques & Gilles (Emily Lime)

Carolyna Pro Black Wedding Font
A delicate, lightweight calligraphy font with a whimsical, uplifting feel, Jacques & Gilles provides a fresh twist on traditional wedding invitations without ever sacrificing readability. It’s the perfect font to tell your guests what kind of day to expect from the moment they see your and your partner’s names in the font. Also available from Emily Lime is Carolyna Pro Black, which adds a little more weight and emphasis, but for weddings we recommend the lightness of touch from Jacques & Gilles.

Download Jacques & Gilles ›


Caprizant (Laura Worthington)

Caprizant Wedding Invite Font
Beautiful penmanship never goes out of style! Caprizant draws inspiration from letters inked with a pointed pen and even reads well at very small font sizes, retaining that ‘classic’ feel to any wedding invitation. With multiple alternate characters and dozens of ligatures, Caprizant provides enough variation to truly seem like stunning, romantic handwriting, giving the impression of natural creation through a wide variety of combinations. There’s even an unlinked variant for when that little suggestion of informality is called for.

Download Caprizant ›


Port Vintage (Joao Oliveira)

Port Wedding Font
If Estilo Pro is art deco updated, this stunning font from Joao Oliveira is the elegance and unique style of the period exactly as it was. Make your invitation pop with this font as no other can! With classic, bold lines and vibrant serifs, Port tells your guests who you are and what you’re expecting – and prepares them for the wedding party of their lives.

Download Port Vintage ›


Wishes Script (Typesenses)

Wishes Script Wedding Font
Many invitations, RSVPs, reception directions, and so on will vary the typeface used from one section to another. With that in mind we recommend the entire Wishes Script collection, with Ornaments, Frames, and Banners each designed to provide decoration while complementing the more directly useful typefaces. Wishes Script is striking and will catch the eye for names and headers, while Caps Display provides an offbeat but tasteful font in which to present the main text of each piece. The Wishes Script family is designed as a toolkit for bright, happy pieces like wedding invitations. Every one of the typefaces included works well together to present a unified feel.

Download Wishes Script ›


Aphrodite Slim Pro (Typesenses)

Aphrodite Slim Wedding Font
Aphrodite Slim Pro is probably one of the most extensive decorative script fonts ever made. With a combined total of over 1,000 glyphs per weight this incredibly versatile script typeface provides you with hundreds of endless lettering combinations to experiment with. Aphrodite Slim Pro stands out from the crowd immediately and will certainly help your special day seem all the more unique.

These fonts will stand you proud for most weddings, but if you’re doing something a little more unusual the right font can cue your guests in, too. If you want an eerie eighties-inspired Goth wedding, for example, the right font for you is waiting in our selection – why not browse our font categories section to help you find something perfect? We’ve also carefully curated our very own wedding fonts category with everything from classic to cool, script to serif, and everything in between creatively making your big day one to remember!

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