Summer Sale Returns

August 1, 2016 , In: Sale

HypeForType’s summer sale is back with a vengeance! Our discounts reach up to 90% off and some fonts will be on sale all the way through to September, but be careful – the amazing deals on some of these will end much sooner. Act now and not only will you not miss your chance but you’ll be able to use these fantastic fonts much sooner. Here’s a look at some of the HypeForType favourites available on sale right now…

F37 Bella – 3 fonts by Face37

F37 BellaA classic font family that brings the French Didot style right up to date. You can only get this font here, and you can get it now cheaper than ever!

Shop F37 Bella ›


Eveleth – 16 fonts by Yellow Design Studio

Eveleth FontPrinted texture on the page or screen is the name of the game with this premium letterpress family. Make a bold statement in a style all your own.

Shop Eveleth ›


Thirsty Rough – 4 fonts by Blessed Print

Thirsty Rough FontA stylish looping script with the texture of tarnish, Thirsty Rough adds a distinct twist of its own to the Thirsty Script typeface. Get that weathered look for your words with Thirsty Rough!

Shop Thirsty Rough ›


Nanami Rounded – 18 fonts by Thinkdust

Nanami Rounded FontA Japanese-inspired spin on geometric fonts, Nanami Rounded is a great font family for publications, with weights suiting headlines and body copy alike. Set yourself apart with the smooth curves of Nanami Rounded’s 18 individual weights.

Shop Nanami Rounded ›


Trend – 21 fonts by Latinotype

Trend FontAvailable in sans and slab serif varieties, the Trend typeface may be the most contemporary font design available. Research into global trends has informed everything about the creation of this typeface, leaving it with a style that will instantly add that a la mode style to anything presented in it.

Shop Trend ›


Veneer – 8 fonts by Yellow Design Studios

Veneer FontA distressed letterpress font family which offers a range of distressing levels, Veneer gives you access to a classic typeface with just a hint of grunge. Realistic letterpress style can be achieved by varying distress between letters through a simple font change. Perfect for getting that old-time event poster feel for promotions or just creating that hand-printed style.

Shop Veneer ›


NewModern – 1 font by Sawdust Studios

NewModern FontA contemporary take on art deco techniques from Hoxton in the creative heart of London. A great deal of precision is needed to create this typeface’s atmosphere of effortless elegance. Make your words really pop from the page with this one!

Shop NewModern ›


Idler – 6 fonts by Lamesville

Idler FontThe flexibility of this type family is the first thing that jumps out at you. A classic early-deco elegance in some variations, a movie marquee display to hold you spellbound in another, and still more for different moods and styles, Idler is anything but idle. Used in concert a remarkable 3D appearance can be built up.

Shop Idler ›

These fonts run the gamut of creative typefaces, and there are many more on offer too. It’s easy to see as you browse our summer sale collection that we don’t need to get hyped here – we’re always hyped!