Globa, 70% off 9 new fonts!

July 22, 2016 , In: Sale

Rounded, a little bit top-heavy, bright and fun – if this font were on wheels it would be one cool bubble car. With smooth curves, 9 discrete weights and a real thirst for colour, Globa offers a world of possibilities for all imaginative designers. We’re feeling a touch generous for our big re-launch at HypeForType, so NOW is the time to grab Globa for yourself with an awesome discount of 70%!

Globa Font globa001 globa002 globa003 globa004 globa005 globa006 globa007 globa008 globa009 globa010 globa011 globa012 globa013 globa014 globa015 globa016

Globa is just right for grabbing attention everywhere, from fun logos and quirky signs, to cool editorial headers and little kid goodies, with all the functional care and attention to detail you’ve come to expect from the Latinotype crew. So let Globa catch your eye today with our amazing temporary discount of 70% – it can’t last, so act fast! Good fonts make the world go round!

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