HypeForType’s January Sale: Showcase Part 1

January 20, 2017 , In: Sale

The January Sale is upon us at HypeForType, and with so many great deals on offer, it would truly be a shame to miss out on some fantastic new fonts just because you didn’t know they were there – so please enjoy the first instalment of our January Sale Showcase, looking at some fantastic offers.

Quimbly FontQuimbly – 3 fonts by MagpiePaperWorks

A hand-drawn family of three fonts, Quimbly takes care with its kerning to avoid the usual problem with hand-drawn fonts and stay readable whatever the size. This versatile font family makes a great impression for everything from signs to invitations with character, and it’s reduced by 50% right now!

Shop Quimbly ›››

Featherly FontFeatherly – 6 fonts by Joanne Marie

A stunning calligraphic font with more swash than any other, Featherly’s feather-light touch is appropriate to deeply personalise your style and its alt set allows you to nicely change your pace whenever you need to. All six fonts are at 70% off.

Shop Featherly ›››

Canilari FontCanilari – 17 fonts by Latinotype

Seventeen fonts slashed in price by 60% takes this stunning font family from affordable to a must-have. Building on indigenous American art from the pre-Columbian civilisations, Canilari boasts a unique angular style that stands our easily from the crowd.

Shop Canilari ›››

Local Brewery FontLocal Brewery – 8 fonts by Cultivated Mind

Drawing clear inspiration from the traditional signage of American beer logos and brewery signs, the eight fonts that make up Local Brewery give amazing flexibility and distinctiveness to anything they’re used for. Perfect for packaging and marketing and – it goes without saying – great for beer labels, Local Brewery is down to half price.

Shop Local Brewery ›››

Money Penny FontMoney Penny – 2 fonts by Vintage Type Co

Vintage Type Co’s script and sans pairing are a textbook case of the art of font matching already taken care of for you. The sans is crisp, clear, elegantly readable; the script is flowing, cool, and stands out from the competition. Right now both fonts are at 70% off – the best possible time to snatch them up.

Shop Money Penny ›››

Tea Biscuit FontTea Biscuit – 4 fonts by Fenotype

Frisky is the word for this upright script family, but don’t misunderstand – this is a very traditional script font with a quirky, frisky twist. All four font weights include small caps, swashes, and titling alternates which allow for an intensely customisable feel to make sure your text stands out from the rest. Currently at 80% off!

Shop Tea Biscuit ›››

Necia FontNecia – 8 fonts by Graviton

There’s something pleasingly retro-futuristic about this 2014 offering, which uses a geometric, modular base to provide something special. With 70% off all eight fonts, this is a perfect time to pick up a copy.

Shop Necia ›››

ATC DuelATC Duel – 10 fonts by Avondale Type Co

Lifting from the bold grotesques common to 1960s automobile advertising, ATC Duel works well for both display and print copy. Five weights and ten styles add flexibility and variety to the package, and it’s all available for 50% off at the moment.

Shop ATC Duel ›››

Bommer Slab FontBommer Slab – 14 fonts by Dootype

An incredibly flexible family of slab-serif typefaces wth seven upright and seven italic weights, Bommer Slab is designed to work well within text blocks or at headline sizes, and it works well with the other Bommer project subfamilies. Currently available for 70% off!

Shop Bommer Slab ›››

Frontage Condensed FontFrontage Condensed – 10 fonts by Juri Zaech

An incredibly flexible family of slab-serif typefaces wth seven upright and seven italic weights, Bommer Slab is designed to work well within text blocks or at headline sizes, and it works well with the other Bommer project subfamilies. Currently available for 70% off!

Shop Frontage Condensed ›››

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