An interview with Buro Destruct

May 9, 2011 , In: Interviews

There’s not many legends of cool from the 90s that you can honestly say are still hip now. Not many at all…except Büro Destruct. Edgy, progressive, slick – a hothouse of talent that is the Switzerland design studio – geniuses of the crafted letterform, blurrers of the line between art and commercial graphic design… now available at HypeForType. Honoured, inspired and just a little bit awestruck, all come as standard with a Büro Destruct face.

We’re absolutely delighted to welcome Büro Destruct, and their foundry Typedifferent to HypeForType. So what better way to get started than with an interview with Lopetz himself from Büro Destruct…

1. How did you first get involved in design?
I got involved in design on the very first day of my kindergarten time. The teacher asked us to draw a self portrait. I was drawing a mickey mouse. Drawing was ever since my passion and I still think being able to draw is the base of all design work.

“Buro Destruct design & art direction for Swatch. Font – BD Mother”

2. What was the first type project you ever worked on?
It all started 1994 with an experiment in Fontographer to create a Dingbats font with our sheep character called “Flossy”. The BD Flossy font is still available for free

Right after the BD Flossy font I created the free BD Plakatbau font which then got used on Radiohead’s album cover “Kid A” and later releases.

“BD Plakatbau font which then got used on Radiohead’s album cover “Kid A” and later releases.”

3. Do you think anything particular has had an influence on your design style?

For sure the “analogue” education I enjoyed at the studio of swiss graphic designer “Kurt Wirth” who worked for Swissair and others gave me a deep impression for all sorts of design. With the Commodore Amiga 500 I was starting to love digitally created graphics. But in general I would say my influences are lying in my Childhood, Music, Science Fiction, Games, Comics, Art…

“The Bug poster featuring Typedifferent’s BD Emerald typeface.”

4. How did the Type Different foundry originate?

From 1995 until 2002 we shared our fonts for free on the Büro Destruct website. With the growth and success of the BD fonts we’ve decided to distribute them under a separate label/foundry through the website typedifferent. The name “typedifferent” is reflecting our approach of designing typefaces.

Discover the Typedifferent selection of New Releases › And… A very big thank you to Lopetz from Büro Destruct for the interview!

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