The clothes that letters wear

January 20, 2014 , In: New Releases

Sometimes, people develop fonts because they see a gap in the market and think they can fill it. Sometimes, they find or create a shape or form which inspires them. And sometimes, they just want to make the world a better place.

Enter Jeremy Dooley, of Insigne. Motivated by reading with his young son, Jeremy set out to instil his own love of typography into baby Will. As any parent knows, reading with your youngsters is one of the most rewarding activities you can do with them, and it is exceptionally important to their development. Jeremy was thrilled when it transpired that baby Will loves books, and they whiled away hours with a huge variety.

As a typeface designer, looking at all these different books (big ones, small ones, some the size of your head) got Jeremy thinking about the whole relationship between children, reading, and fonts.

This thought process formed into an idea which became the book ‘The Clothes Letters Wear’ which you can find out about on Kickstarter (you’ll be glad to know the funding goal has been reached). It will delight the “young of age and the young at heart” and is a treat to look at. As Jeremy will design a new font at the drop of a hat, this book was the perfect opportunity to get crafting.

And so we arrive at the wonderful creation, Cabrito. Meaning ‘little goat’ in Spanish, this font is all set to become the workhorse of your collection. Using scientific research on legibility, which has found two fonts in particular to be easier for learning-readers to get to grips with (Bookman Old Style & Comic Sans), along with various typeface characteristics and designs which make it easier to read certain fonts, Jeremy has concocted this masterpiece to be the most legible a font can be.

Due to this high legibility, Cabrito is perfect for print and screen use, and looks modern and clean. The gently rounded letters are inspired by handwriting forms, and it’s clear that every curve, line, and serif has been thought about long and hard.

Cabrito is a fully featured OpenType font with a family over 40 strong. With more alternates than you can shake a stick at, and support for tons of languages, people are excited about Cabrito. You can get it now at HypeForType, for a limited time introductory price which is 77% off, making it just £17 for the whole family! Don’t miss your chance to scoop up your new favourite font while this incredible offer lasts.