Little Black Font Book Volume 2

November 10, 2015 , In: Inspiration

Three years ago The Little Black Font Book hit the shelves and sailed to the top of Amazon’s Typography book chart, becoming a go-to font companion along the way. Now the pocket-sized source of inspiration returns with a brand new revised and improved Little Black Font Book Volume 2 ›


Instead of the static, black and white layouts of the standard typographic suitcase, The Little Black Font Book presents the user with vibrant, eye-popping layouts that showcase each font at its best.


Printed in DL format at 44 pages long, the volume is slim enough and portable enough to make itself at home in your workspace.


Whether it’s your first port of call or last ditch attempt, a little black book should always come up with the goods – and ours is no different.


The Little Black Font Book is packed with typographic ideas in eye-popping designs that bring each font to life.


Take it along to meetings to show clients a ready-set page that gives them a real feel for your design angle, or just get inspired when that old font suitcase isn’t getting you excited.


Our brand new second edition has even more go-to suggestions with freshly designed pages and additional fonts, all in the original compact and lightweight format and with even more of a bargain price tag.


Across fourty-four beautifully typeset pages, we choose the finest hand-crafted fonts and show you how to get the best out of them.


The Little Black Font Book is right at home in your bag or back pocket, always on hand to find the right font for the job.



Behold, the no-brainer Christmas gift for designers in your life: The Little Black Font Book, Second Edition. The fun and fast way to find the font that fits. Put our second edition on your shelf today, or in your work mates christmas stocking for only £2.99…

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