Little Black Font Book Volume 1 Sale

October 5, 2015 , In: Inspiration

With Volume 2 of our Little Black Font Book going to press this week, it’s time to make some room of the typeshelfs at HypeForType HQ. For the next 24 hours only we’re offering you the chance to bag a typographic bargain! Gone are the days of trying to draw inspiration from black type on a white background, well maybe not if you’re stuck in the 80’s? Little Black Font Book is a modern take on a traditional type catalogue, and it’s on offer for the next 24 hours only…

You’ll be pleased to hear it’s not just a pretty face either. It will fit nicely in your drawer, handbag, back pocket, and neatly on your desk. Always ready and willing to inspire you in those moments of creative block, bag yourself a copy today before it’s going, going, gone!

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