The Logo Designer’s Top 50 Fonts Part 2: 30-11

October 5, 2016 , In: Top 50 Fonts

Last month, we brought you the first instalment of this countdown of the most important font families for any designer to have access to. We’re continuing now with the second stretch – but don’t forget to join us in the conclusion for the spectacular, not-to-be-missed Top 10!

Without further ado, let’s get to the fonts…

Adriane Text - 4 fonts by Typefolio

30. Adriane Text – 4 fonts by Typefolio

A classic and dependable serif font from 2007, Adriane Text is designed for legibility at small sizes while still conveying personality. Ideal for designers who have to work with small print in their designs.

Shop Adriane Text ›››

Againts font

29. Againts – 3 fonts by Celcius Designs

And no, that’s not a typo. Againts fights the power with a spray paint street graffiti style using two variant fonts for variety and a third offering urban ornamentation. Drawing on manual hand drawn brushwork with ink for inspiration, Againts is designed for displays with street style.

Shop Againts ›››

Boho font

28. Boho – 26 fonts by Latinotype

Available in script, sans and serif styles, the Boho font family is based on gestural calligraphy, something font creator Coto Mendoza loves. Perfect for conveying that Bohemian style and feel where appropriate.

Shop Boho ›››

27. Breakers Slab – 16 fonts by Kostic

A serious slab serif with a wide range of weights, Breakers Slab also includes small caps in every weight allowing for incredible flexibility in how your text is presented. Breakers Slab is one of the few font families out there which allows font pairing within itself, creating a very different style with underlying connections.

Shop Breakers Slab ›››

Burford font

26. Burford – 18 fonts by Kimmy Design

Kimmy Design’s Burford font is a layered family allowing a lot of variety between implementations. The base of this is a tasteful, subdued serif font with impact but with shadows, extrusions, inlines, stripes and marquee dots, there’s a lot of variety here allowing for very distinctive looks within the family.

Shop Burford ›››

Coegit font

25. Coegit – 32 fonts by Insigne

Coegit is designed with the web’s constraints in mind. Using three widths – Compressed, Compact, and Condensed, it’s a light font with a great onscreen display quality, perfect for internet promotions, websites, and headline-grabbing images on social mediate.

Shop Coegit ›››

Encorpada essential font

24. Encorpada Essential – 14 fonts by dooType

Part of the Encorpada Project, Encorpada Essential is one of the most stylish serifs on the market today, and the range of available weights really helps it to stand out. These swooping, curling serifs are one of a kind!

Shop Encorpada Essential ›››

F37 bolton font

23. F37 Bolton – 8 fonts by Face37

The world-renowned F37 Foundry’s signature serif, F37 Bolton is inspired by Günter Gerhard Lange’s classic designs but provides a modern serif with power behind it. It works especially well in concert with other F37 designs.

Shop F37 Bolton ›››

22. Basic Sans – 28 fonts by Latinotype

Basic Sans is a family of Grotesque features with a functional, neutral and seemingly clean style that looks to keep a neutral appearance on paper, but with enough personality to remain unique.

Shop Basic Sans ›››

21. Have Heart – 3 fonts by Set Sail Studios

This sensational marker pen-style script font from Set Sail Studios (with an accompanying all-caps font and swashes) make for a great way to set your brand apart. A modern day cursive will catch the eye no matter what.

Shop Have Heart ›››

Intro rust font

20. Intro Rust – 214 fonts by FontFabric

There are four full sub-families in Intro Rust with 214 fonts between them, with a wide variety of styles and combination effects to play with. Using these you can put together a staggering number of potential logos and brandings, many with a signature distressed ‘rust’ style.

Shop Intro Rust ›››

Jacques gilles font

19. Jacques & Gilles – 1 font by Emily Lime

The simple but wonderful trick to this font is that it has two personalities, one emerging from using only lower case letters – Jacques – and one coming out when you go fully upper case – Gilles. They also combine beautifully to change the mood entirely, with alternates including ornaments to help decorate the design.

Shop Jacques & Gilles ›››

Local Brewery Font

18. Local Brewery – 8 fonts by Cultivated Mind

Combining distressed sans serifs with six script styles that provide plenty of alternates – especially when you factor in the tail alternates for the script – Local Brewery has a style that suits branding from beer to jeans and everything between.

Shop Local Brewery ›››

Showcase font by Latinotype

17. Showcase – 8 fonts by Latinotype

Available in Script, Slab, Sans, and Sans Mini, Showcase evokes the style of marquee lettering only to build on that basis and develop into something much more. This evolution of a past style may well be just what your brand needs!

Shop Latinotype ›››

Storybook font

16. Storybook – 5 fonts by Emily Spadoni

Emily Spadoni’s calligraphic font Storybook stands out with exceptional decorative characters and swirly style, and comes with a PDF guide to make it easy to access all 1100 glyphs from the keyboard. There are truly endless possibilities with this bouncy cursive.

Shop Storybook ›››

Strangelove Next

15. Strangelove Next – 3 fonts by FaceType

Drawing inspiration from the bold and memorable titles of the classic Kubrick movie, Strangelove Next pays tribute to Pablo Ferro while expanding your options, with the original narrow style, a broad expanded font and a mixed variant, allowing you to create something unpredictable and unmistakably Kubrickian.

Shop Strangelove Next ›››

Typometry font

14. Typometry Pro – 2 fonts by Emil Kozole

A geometric typefacy with a modern feel has evolved over time as the designer has pushed their skills. Both the Regular and Alternate sets have two styles with changing fills and patterns allowing for huge variety. A great way to express yourself in an off-beat style, with a modern spin on an art deco retro look.

Shop Typometry Pro ›››

Veneer font

13. Veneer – 20 fonts by Yellow Design Studio

With a standard sans letterpress and multiple distress options to add in, Veneer is one of the most flexible grunge fonts on the market, looking great even at large sizes due to the high levels of detail built into the font – which is why, when you use it in Photoshop, you should make sure anti-aliasing is set to ‘smooth’.

Shop Veneer ›››

Pintassilgo font

12. Populaire – 1 font by PintassilgoPrints

A hand drawn font in the style of true handcrafted lettering, Populaire combines four glyphs per letter with an exhaustive kerning table which means all glyphs truly are interchangeable. Used in OpenType, the Contextual Alternates feature automates the task of creating a truly dynamic handcrafted font suitable for many ‘home built’ brands.

Shop Populaire ›››

Felt noisy font

11. Felt Noisy – 2 fonts by PintassilgoPrints

Drawing inspiration from the iconic lettering style of classic 1940s and 50s movie posters, Felt Noisy creates a hand-drawn felt-tip effect that fires off the same effect as a broken felt pen, creating lettering with a strong, organic feel.

Shop Felt Noisy ›››

That brings us down from thirty all the way to the top 10. Stay tuned for our next instalment, featuring the fonts you absolutely cannot do without!

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