Milton Glaser brings typeface into the digital age.

April 14, 2015 , In: Inspiration

Milton Glaser I Love New York Logo

You’ll certainly be familiar with Milton Glaser’s most famous piece of work – he designed the iconic ‘I Heart New York’ logo back in 1977, a piece of urban symbolism that has yet to lose its charm – but his design legacy doesn’t stop there.

In 1967 ‘Glaser Stencil’ – a font designed to mimic and improve upon the traditional letter stencilling that had a popularity boom in the 40s and 50s – made its first appearance on a billing poster at Carnegie Hall.

Since then, Glaser’s bespoke typeface has become a quintessential piece of American design. The instantly recognisable stamp of Glaser Stencil has appeared on everything from early video game consoles to the set design for Lars von Trier’s Dogville in 2003.

Philips Video Pac Glaser Stencil

The font was of course computerised for the tech revolution, bringing its timeless look to a new generation. However the rest of the Glaser Stencil font family – a further four variations on Glaser’s stylish original – have been gathering dust in the design archives until now.

Teaming up with renowned British designer Rick Banks, founder of Face37 design house, the complete family of Glaser Stencil is now available to the digital age for the first time. For typographers and designers everywhere it’s a special moment, not least of all for Banks himself:

‘I’ve loved Glaser Stencil and all its weights since I first got into graphic design. It’s been a real honour and privilege working with Milton to bring the whole family back to life.’

Glaser Stencil Font Typeface

Glaser Stencil Font Typeface

Glaser Stencil Font Typeface

It’s rare that a designer achieves such longevity and recognition, but Glaser has managed it, with documentaries made about his life and a lasting influenced that can be traced through four decades of typography. The full revival of Glaser Stencil is the next step in that journey.

Milton Glaser

‘It’s amazing to see a typeface that I designed back in the 1960s so carefully revived with attention to detail from Face37 and HypeForType,’ said Glaser of this design renaissance. ‘It’s like seeing a child reborn.’

Together Milton Glaser and Rick Banks have collaborated to produce something simply spectacular. Creating something great requires teamwork, partnership, and collaboration. This clearly shows that in this day and age designers must embrace the benefits of working with one another using each others strengths to reap the rewards.

Glaser Stencil is available exclusively at HypeForType.

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