Nanami Pro, 8 fonts with 90% off!

January 14, 2015 , In: Sale

Introducing Nanami Pro

As if our extraordinary new year sale wasn’t already awesome enough, we’re still releasing new fonts with unmissable introductory deals! If you don’t fancy a font for 50% off, now’s your chance for an even bigger saving. Normally priced at £80, we’re giving you the limited time opportunity to get Nanami Pro for just £8 – that’s a whopping 90% off! As the direct successor to Thinkdust’s exceptionally successful Nanami, this is not a font you’ll want to miss out on.

Nanami Pro is flavoured with the orient – a Japanese inspired typeface with crisply defined lines and the pride of a Samurai. Each line, corner, and curve moves across the page with all the grace and exactitude of a Samurai warrior wielding a katana. The edges are distinct, sharp creations like the well-honed edge of the blade.

Nanami Pro contains all the wonder of the original Nanami, but with vastly extended language support including cyrillic and extended latin, leading to a total of 458 glyphs in each weight.

The original Nanami was a key family in many font collections, but with these new multi-language credentials, Nanami Pro has become a true must-have for anyone who’s serious about design. Get your hands on this modern classic now with a limited time introductory price of just £8 for the entire family. Upgrade your type toolkit today with a deal you truly can’t afford to miss, go on… treat yourself!

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