New Fonts for November Part 1

November 15, 2016 , In: New Releases

As the year comes to an end the creativity of our font foundries is showing no signs of slowing! In this and the next post we’ll be taking a look at the new arrivals that might just catch your eye.

If you’re at all interested in developments in fonts – and if you’re on this blog we’re confident that you are – you owe it to yourself to check these out…

F37 Jan

F37 Jan – 8 fonts by Face37

The latest excellent sans from Face37, this echoes Bell Centennial and Tschichold-style geometric sans-serif fonts. Designed with significant ink traps, F37 Jan is ink-efficient at small font sizes.

Shop F37 Jan ›››

Monday Font

Monday – 3 fonts by Fenotype

With two strong script weights and an accompanying ornament set, Monday comes with plenty of options, and depending on the specific style you’re looking for, it could be perfect for you. The 1950s hand-lettered script feel is fantastic for logo-style text and can provide a friendly, welcoming feel to any font.

Shop Monday ›››

Matcha Font

Matcha – 2 fonts by Los Andes Type

An elegant handmade calligraphic font married to a clean-lined, clear slab-serif, these two are designed to complement one another, with an organic feel making them perfect for clean-living products, magazines on health, fitness, beauty, fashion, and even cookbooks with a focus on healthy eating – among many other things. The whole is definitely greater than the sum of the parts.

Shop Matcha ›››

Turismo Font

Turismo CF – 2 fonts by Intelligent Foundry

Taking its cue from mid-century logo trends in technology and motorsports industries, Turismo CF can provide the present day with a spectacular sans for headlines, especially for corporate prospectuses and in-house magazines – but an eager designer will find plenty in this 1960s-driven font to inspire them to dream far bigger!

Shop Turismo CF ›››

Adonis Poster Font

Adonis – 4 fonts by ParaType

This space-saving serif is designed for legibility in small font sizes. Ably supported by ParaType’s earlier work with Cyrillic characters, Adonis is a great serif for print publications, especially those which want to maintain font consistency across translations into Central European and Russian language groups.

Shop Adonis ›››


Frontage Condensed – 10 fonts by Juri Zaech

An astonishing selection of variations on a theme, the thirteen fonts of the Wanderlust Collection comprise a comprehensive take on the hand-painted script font as a theme. Great for logos in food, clothing, and much, much more.

Shop Frontage Condensed ›››

Gabriela Stencil

Gabriela Stencil – 12 fonts by Latinotype

A staggering 433 characters with support for 206 different languages are at the heart of Gabriela Stencil, an elegant serif font inspired by the Didone typefaces of the 19th century. This classic style makes for a highly readable font with the authority needed for articles and headlines, as well as prospectuses and other publishing projects. It’s available in six weights, with matching italics for each.

Shop Gabriela Stencil ›››

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