New foundry PintassilgoPrints

November 15, 2011 , In: Announcements

We’re delighted to announce the latest foundry to join us here at HypeForType.

PintassilgoPints is a digital type foundry based in Vitória, Brazil, founded by Ricardo Marcin and Erica Jung. Together this Brazilian duo have been developing hand-drawn fonts since 2009. A long passion for hand printing techniques has been the driving force behind the Brazilian duo’s catalogue of beautiful hand-drawn releases. With the rise of OpenType technology also comes the opportunity for a single font to have a whole host of personalities. This is a feature Ricardo and Erica have utilised perfectly, producing a mass of contextual, stylistic, swash, and ornamental alternates for the majority of their font releases.

PintassilgoPints pride themselves in the hand made approach with each and every release meticulously planned on paper prior to release. This way of working has helped Ricardo and Erica to produce some of the most striking hand-drawn font releases we’ve seen to date.

Be sure to check out PintassilgoPints latest releases, and also their beautiful accompanying type specimens.

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