Free RM Regular typeface poster

September 8, 2011 , In: New Releases

RM Regular is a simple, clean and legible sans-serif type font. It’s our latest exclusive typeface designed to be used as a genuine alternative to Arial, Helvetica or Gotham. RM Regular is the perfect choice for professionals…

Designed in 2011, RM Regular is the first font to be released from London based design studio Mash Creative. Built by ourselves at HypeForType, this Opentype font supports 47 languages. A limited edition of 2 x 50 A2 type specimen posters will be made available absolutely FREE – yes that’s right – FREE! for the first 100 people to purchase the font exclusively from HypeForType.

The posters have been screen printed in silver and purple ink on 200gsm GF Smith Accent Smooth Glacier White stock. Available in 50 x silver on purple and 50 x purple on silver, each print is hand numbered and signed by Mark Bloom – founder of Mash Creative and designer of the font.

Grab your free poster (with free worldwide delivery) whilst stocks last.

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