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January 14, 2014 , In: Sale

Sad that all the New Year sales are coming to an end? The best has just begun. These fonts are as different as an ice cube and the country of Chile, but there’s one thing they have in common. If you scour the web, even if you’re a champion Where’s Wally participant, you won’t find them for sale in any place other than HypeForType. These fonts are so special they are getting their own January sale where you can save 50% from some of the sexiest fonts around – the HypeForType Exclusive Sale. Don’t miss out!


Rick Banks, the creative mastermind behind Face37, is the prodigal designer of F37 Bella, one of our all-time best selling fonts. With an arrestingly simple design philosophy, Banks has created something masterful. As a designer, F37 has an abundance of experience, from typographical lecturing, to a book loved by both designers and sports fans (not something many can claim), Football Type. As though we didn’t already think he was awesome, Banks donated all the profits from Football Type to charity. What a guy. No wonder we’ve got t-shirts with his work on them. Save 50% Shop F37 Bella ›


Labour is a font family designed by Swedish born Robert Holmkvist. Just looking at the long, smooth lines and tight letter spacing will set your creative instincts on fire! And don’t even get me started on the stencil version. With four weights in regular and four weights in stencil, and a limited edition specimen sheet available, it’s lucky that fonts don’t sell out, or we’d be out of stock of this incredible offering. Save 75% Shop Labour ›


Like pasta and pesto, sunny days and picnics, ears and music, Rob Gonzalez and Jonathan Quainton were a pair destined for great things from the offset. Their London based studio, Sawdust, has achieved just that. NewModern is sleek and lustrous, a typeface with an attitude. Empowered with traditional fastidiousness, NewModern is overflowing with the open, liberal aesthetic of the 21st century. Save 50% Shop NewModern ›


Our aim at HypeForType has always been to bring in the best of the best, and you can see we’ve stayed true to that by collaborating with the incredible Alex Trochut on this fantastic display font. With each standard character having two forms you can create some fantastic designs which stand out the crowd. If you say something with Neo Deco, everyone will know you mean it. Save 50% Shop Neo Deco ›


The Non-Format studio brings together the bold forwardness of the USA with the Scandinavian attention to detail and sensibility of Norway in an incredible typographic typhoon. They have worked with some big name clients such as Coca-Cola and Nike, and they have come together with HypeForType to release the amazing Otto. With one purchase giving you access to both the light and dark sets, this is one tool no typographer should be without. Save 50% Shop Otto ›


As its name suggests, Killer is a font which takes no prisoners. One look and you’ll be taken in by its astonishing detail, enticing curves and flirtatious flicks. Designed Craig Ward, bestselling author of the un-put-down-able ‘Popular Lies about Graphic Design’ (Actar, Jan 2013), Killer will stop you in your tracks until you do what it wants. Don’t get on this font’s bad side! Save 50% Shop Killer ›


MusaWorkLab are bringing the incredible depth of Portuguese talent and creativity to the forefront of design, and Musa Collective have been involved in several high-profile projects, most notably the extremely collectible Toy2R Qee figures. MusaWorkLab has worked with HypeForType to create Musa-600, a font which knocks your socks off, and then runs away laughing before you know you’re on the ground. Save 50% Shop Musa-600 ›


A stalwart OpenType font, Odyssea inspires designers to create incredible things. It has more impact than a whack to the skull with a mallet, and the relative simplicity to its geometry and shape only serves to emphasise that. Pablo Alfieri’s creative space and maxim are ‘Playful’, and Odyssea certainly shows this off. Save 50% Shop Odyssea ›


As a font, no – an entity, Alquimia defies classification. Its expressive detail is stunning and can stop people in their tracks like no other typeface before it. Inspiration includes the philosophical discipline of alchemy, and you can see the mystical influences of the ancient art in every stroke. Call it Steampunk, stylised, or stunning – no matter how vast your vocabulary, you won’t do Alquimia justice. Save 50% Shop Alquimia ›


Tom Muller is a worldwide example of something unheard of – a famous Belgian. Inspiring controversy sparks the manifestation of creative brilliance, and the exclusive font Nagasaki delivers not just in spades, but clubs, hearts, and diamonds too. Tom Muller has worked with both Marvel and DC Comics, and Samsung and Sony – the range of talent and experience used to create Nagasaki is clear in every line and curve – it’s a font other fonts look up to. Save 50% Shop Nagasaki ›

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