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January 7, 2015 , In: Inspiration

Welcome to the most awesome font sale ever seen! Here at HypeForType we’ve teamed up with over 40 fantastic foundries to bring you a sale of truly tremendous proportions. For 6 weeks, we have over 5,000 fonts with up to 75% off, just waiting to be snapped up. Appetize your type taste-buds on this selection below, and stock up with these 2015 typefaces…

Idler – 6 fonts by Lamesville

If every word which came out of Brian Blessed’s mouth popped up beside him in comical speech bubbles, Idler would be the font it used. Idler is big, bold, and bolshie, and its modular design allows you to create colour and impact with a voice as loud as the message you’re trying to convey.

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Alek – 5 fonts by Fenotype

Alek is quite a handful. Upright, elegant, and with scads of etiquette, the regular weight is lithe and toned, and the bold is muscular and powerful. Not afraid to escort a lost design home in the dark, nor to cavort with a slogan gone astray, Alek will calmly and courteously be on hand to help – it’s only polite.

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Volterra – 1 font by Blank is the New Black

Volterra picks up the baton first held by the ubiquitous Bodoni, taking its ideas to the extreme. Tall, thin, and elegant like a traditional supermodel in their prime, Volterra is a display font that does its best work on large canvases that allow you to make the most of the finely tuned vertical styles. One of the greatest examples of the concept ‘new classics’, Volterra turns heads.

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Cider – 1 font by Suomi

Bolder than many other script fonts, Cider sprung from a simple logotype into a fully fledged typeface. Clearly too compelling for even the designer to resist, Cider manages what many script fonts strive for but miss; it glides across the page like a ribbon of silk, drawing your eyes along every swooping line. Sparkling and refreshing with a wedge of lime and some ice, Cider is a font you’ll feel good about saying ‘yes’ to.

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Transat Text – 10 fonts by Typetanic Fonts

Transat Text is an exceptionally useful geometric sans serif font, and while it flirts with the art deco stylings of its relative, Transat, it’s a significantly more demure counterpart. The font works fantastically in large display sizes, but the large X-height mean that it remains legible and easy to read at smaller text sizes. Transat Text is a true workhorse and a top font in any collection.

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Rustick – 8 fonts by Thinkdust

Are you hungry for a font design that will blow you away? Do you want to invoke the rustic smell of wood smoke, the mouth-watering thought of antipasti, olive-oil, open French doors in the summer? Well before you book your ticket to Rome, check out the new font from Thinkdust, Rustick. Four weights (and italics) of indulgent, home cooked comfort, warm, earthen and familial. Before making its point, Rustick gives you a cup of deep, rich coffee and double checks you’re warm enough. Just one look will start your stomach rumbling. Ideal for food packaging and warm, homey branding, Rustick will never let you go home hungry.

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Haussmann – 1 font by La Goupil

An all-caps geometric marvel, Haussmann by La Goupil conjours a medly of art deco and contemporary design flavours. It uses this harmonious combination to take chances and make bold motions that most others wouldn’t dare, for fear of being thought discordant. While oblique lines and negative space captivate, Haussmann casts aside inhibitions and proceeds in its own extraordinary way.

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Port – 6 fonts by Joao Oliveira

Port is one of the fonts that opens many people’s eyes to good font design. Taking elements from tried and true classics such as Bodoni and Didone, combining them, and adding a new splash of style and a contemporary twist, Joao Oliveira has created functional art. In particular the use of the regular font and the decorated version allows for the creation of stunning headlines. The ornaments and word set are the cherry on the already delicious cake.

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Acrom – 6 fonts by The Northern Block

Modern and contemporary, Acrom has an intriguing duality of natural and humanist qualities juxtaposed with minimalism and a mechanical air. Every character has just a dash of flavour, a hint of personality, and a suggestion of uniqueness. This allows it to retain versatility and adaptability without sacrificing style and imagination.

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Clavo – 20 fonts by Dada Studio

The ten weights of Clavo were created by Dada Studio with the clear goal of optical harmony across all sizes. It can safely be said that Clavo more than achieves this noble aim. Carefully graduated in a distinctly non-linear way, Clavo doesn’t have a ‘best’ fit – it works like a charm from text to title, and to call one size the best would be an elision of each other size. The grand cohesion of this family is not serendipity – it was a deliberate and excellently executed design choice by Dada Studio. Clavo, with its 10 weights and matching italics, will more than pull its weight in your collection.

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Kwark – 1 font by Hanoded

It might be all caps, but Kwark is more of an excited chatter than a shout. The gentle 3D effect on this handdrawn font makes it look as though it’s always ready to enjoy itself. The mellow grunge styling is so amiable that it doesn’t entirely alter the font’s overall look and feel, it just complements what is alread achieved. Add the same kind of affability to your designs today.

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Helado – 4 fonts by B2302

Taking its cue from simple classics like ‘circles’ and ‘squares’, Helado has a certain adroit elegance which creates a bedrock of trustworthiness that many fonts will never see. From headlines and full page layouts to logotypes, Helado is ready to stalwartly stand up to stardom, staying grounded and never forgetting who helped it on the way to greatness. From such great heights, Helado can shout your message far and wide.

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Eveleth –Yellow Design Studio

There is a strong flavour of retro/vintage prevalent throughout each intricate element of Eveleth, with every letter-pressed glyph looking like it has spent its life in a thrift store. It smells of typewriter ink, old leather, and worn-out corduroy, and the optional spurs jest give it a little something extra, a certain je-ne-sais-quoi for your special characters. Eveleth has fourteen character sets, each of which has an astonishing six alternates per letter and three for each other glyph – that’s over 2,000 characters that you can use to customise your way to success. When you factor in the family of shapes and the one of icons, the possibilities are possibly endless.

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