Strictly Business: Corporate Sans-Serif Fonts

January 27, 2017 , In: Inspiration

If your business produces any printed material or display advertising that faces the outside world, the fonts you choose for that material become part of your corporate identity. Setting yourself apart from the crowd is as easy as finding a font that speaks to your corporate identity. So what are some great corporate looks just waiting to be adopted?

F37 Ginger FontF37 Ginger – 8 fonts by Face37

This geometric take on the Swiss modernist style has enough weightings to provide multiple different tones across your document without ever breaking your corporate identity.

Shop F37 Ginger ›››

F37 Bolton FontF37 Bolton – 8 fonts by Face37

These classical, smooth lines inspired by Günter Gerhard Lange are perfect for getting information across smoothly and effectively. Give yourselves an air of efficiency and professionalism in the smoothest way possible.

Shop F37 Bolton ›››

F37 JanF37 Jan – 8 fonts by Face37

A crisp, smooth take on Jan Tschichold and Matthew Carter’s groundbreaking fonts, Jan’s pronounced ink traps mean it’s easy to print and use at any font size, making this typeface extremely flexible in how you choose to use it.

Shop F37 Jan ›››

Branding FontBranding – 14 fonts by Latinotype

As the name suggests, Branding was developed with use in defining your brand in mind. One of its greatest strengths in this is the alternative characters offered, allowing you a clean, functional typeface where it’s easy to swap out one or two letters to create a distinctive, easily-recognisable effect with impact.

Shop Branding ›››

Corporative FontCorporative – 64 fonts by Latinotype

And for a sans-serif font with a clear and distinct personality there’s Corporative, the first font ever developed by Latinotype – who technically call it a ‘semi serif’, but the clean lines have us inclined to treat it as a sans for this article. With that said, they attended to this question themselves as you’ll shortly see…

Shop Corporative ›››

Corporative SansCorporative Sans – 64 fonts by Latinotype

And if you love the smooth, clean lines of Corporative but want to eliminate that semi-serif, the Corporative Sans typeface is perfect for you. It keeps the same level of personality (especially in the jaunty curve of the ‘c’) while trimming that semi serif away.

Shop Corporative Sans ›››

Proxima NovaProxima Nova – 144 fonts by Mark Simonson

A total reworking of 1994’s Proxima Sans, Provima Nova is a widely expanded font family which stands out from other sans-serif fonts without once sacrificing professionalism or readability.

Shop Proxima Nova ›››

Texta FontTexta – 32 fonts by Latinotype

Texta’s tagline is ‘a sans for all’ and that definitely informs the design style of this beautiful typeface. Bringing a contemporary flair to a fusion of humanist and Gothic sans-serif styles, the geometric alternates also add an easy option to give your brand a distinct feel.

Shop Texta ›››

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