Sucrose from Yellow Design Studio

October 5, 2015 , In: New Releases

There is a strong flavour of vintage throughout each intricate element of Sucrose, with every letter-pressed glyph looking like it spent its life in a thrift store. It smells of typewriter ink, old leather, and worn-out corduroy, and the optional textures give it a little something extra, a certain je-ne-sais-quoi for your special projects. Even more delicious is the price, Sucrose is only £5 for the complete set of 20 fonts!

Sucrose is the much needed boost to your typographic armoury that will pay for itself overnight. With 20 fonts for the price of your lunch, it’s magically versatile, totally contemporary and let’s face it, cheap as chips! Bag yourself 77% off Sucrose today…

Save 77% Shop Sucrose! ›››

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