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May 18, 2015 , In: Sale

This summer we’ve teamed up with over 75 fantastic foundries to bring you a sale of truly tremendous proportions! For the next few weeks, we have thousands of fonts with up to 90% off, just waiting to be snapped up for summer. Tantalise your type taste-buds, then browse the full sale collection. Here’s a little of what’s on offer…

Dharma Gothic – 42 Fonts by Flat-it

Dharma Gothic is an exceptionally useful sans-serif family with an impressive 42 weights. Dharma oozes modernity, style, and an intangible sensation of strong condensed geometry. Working well in both large and small sizes, Dharma Gothic is a true workhorse and a top font family for any collection.

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Felt Noisy – 2 Fonts by PintassilgoPrints

Counting four variations for each letter and two for the numbers, Felt Noisy delivers a cool organic feel with a strong and spontaneous attitude. This typeface was drawn with a damaged felt tip pen, resulting in two rather nice fonts that will stylishly fit many visual projects out there that don’t look for any transparency at all.

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Peaches & Cream – 5 Fonts by Fenotype

We’re suckers for a great set of OpenType options, and Peaches and Cream has exactly that! It’s decorative and clearly defined, with romantic sweeping brush strokes to create a pathway you’re compelled to follow, your eyes almost too focused on the attention to detail. Every curve in Peaches and Cream is frisky, with a romantic overall aesthetic which puts you in mind of spring afternoons in Paris.

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Frontage – 5 Fonts by Juri Zaech

Frontage is an exciting font system which offers customisation galore. When looking at the layering options available and thinking of all the colours which could be combined to create a unique style for every application, the mind boggles. Frontage is clear and easy to read, with a reassuring solidity despite its unerring flexibility. The wide spacing creates visual impact, and Frontage will carry your message with ease.

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Spills – 7 Fonts by Comicraft

The infield dirt is raked, the outfield grass is mowed and the baselines chalked. So grab a beer, smother a stadium dog with mustard and relish, take a seat on the bleachers and get ready – that handsome devil spills is back on the mound and ready for a comeback! The stadium is packed to capacity and we’re pretty sure the first time he’s at the plate, it’s gonna be a Home Run!

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F37 Bella – 6 Fonts by Face37

Rick Banks, the creative mastermind behind the foundry Face37, is the prodigal designer of F37 Bella, one of our all-time best selling fonts. With an arrestingly simple design philosophy, Banks has created something masterful. This font surpasses influence and flies beyond inspiration to reach almost ethereal heights. The acute extremity of the hairlines and the voluptuousness of the curves make this award winning font one you’ll want to use time and time again.

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NewModern – 1 Font by Sawdust Studio

The amount of work which has gone into making this modern font beggars belief. It uses this harmonious combination to take chances and make bold motions that most others wouldn’t dare, for fear of being thought discordant. While thin lines and negative space captivate, NewModern casts aside any inhibitions and proceeds in its own very unique extraordinary way.

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Brush Up – 2 Fonts by PintassilgoPrints

Brush Up is the cool hand-painted typeface you are looking for. Swiftly painted on paper and carefully translated into a font, it brings 3 glyphs for each letter and 2 for each number, plus variations for some punctuation marks. The font is nicely programmed to cycle these alternate glyphs when Contextual Alternates are turned on.

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Populaire – 1 Font by PintassilgoPrints

Never before has hand-drawn looked so good. Populaire is a font which could have walked out of a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but it’s still smart enough to take to your Nan’s for Sunday Dinner. With four different glyphs per letter, this font gives you the unique ability to choose your own look and feel.

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Trend – 21 Fonts by Latinotype

Trend is made for modern design, precision, and above all else, customisation. The swiss army knife of decorative headline fonts, Trend is prepared for any occasion, adding brightness here, shading there, and maybe some colour along the way. It can even go from lined to shadow in one click, so whatever your message is, Trend has you covered!

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Port Vintage – 10 Fonts by Joao Oliveira

Joao Oliveira created something spectacular with the original Port, but the follow up he’s produced in the incredible Port Vintage takes the intricate detail and fine decorations and dials it up to 11. A display typeface with more potential than you can carry in a box, the sophisticated lines and eye-catching serifs will elevate your design to the next level of class.

Save 75% Shop Port Vintage ›››

Romeo – 9 Fonts by Latinotype

True to its name, Romeo certainly fires up our love synapses and gets those creative juices flowing. It’s a delightfully decorative and well balanced font with 9 weights, giving it almost unparalleled levels of versatility and breadth of usage opportunities.

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Bag a bargain in the HypeForType Summer Sale and make sure 2015 is your year to remember. Follow @hypefortype on Twitter for more sale highlights, and shop thousands more sale fonts below.

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