The Logo Designer’s Top 50 Fonts Part 3: The Top 10

October 18, 2016 , In: Top 50 Fonts

In recent instalments of this exciting countdown, we’ve brought you the 50-31 and 30-11 instalments. But that still leaves the first-rank fonts, the top ten typefaces as far as logo designers are concerned. Can you afford not to have these ready to hand?

Without further ado, let’s get to the fonts…

10. Balzac – 2 fonts by RodrigoTypo

You’d be hard pushed to find another script typeface like Balzac. A heavy font with a rough line and a style all of its own, this one will make any logo stand out. Accompanied by a tasteful set of ornamental lines.

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09. Runda – 10 fonts by PS.Type

Simple shapes and open forms are at the heart of Runda’s design aesthetic. With a wide range of weights to provide real flexibility in display, Runda will convey a message clearly at all scales, making it fantastic when incorporating high information content into package and poster design.

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08. Cheap Pine – 18 fonts by HVD Fonts

The three fonts in this family provide a shadowed sans, a clear and tasteful sans, and an all-shadow option for when you want to change it up. It’s a remarkably characterful font with just the hint of hand-lettered style to carry it off.

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07. Zona Black – 2 fonts by Intelligent Foundry

This may be the quirkiest of robust fonts. A solid geometric sans serif, the distinct shapes have a 1920s poster style that cries out to become the face of a new brand.

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06. Sparkle – 2 fonts by Ryan Keightley

A modernist take on decorative, ornamental script fonts, Ryan Keightley’s homage to vintage signage glories in its own idiosyncrasies – and that’s a lot of why it works as well as it does. With the accompanying Sparkle Ornaments font there’s a great cursive here that stands out.

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05. Wanderlust Collection – 13 fonts by Cultivated Mind

An astonishing selection of variations on a theme, the thirteen fonts of the Wanderlust Collection comprise a comprehensive take on the hand-painted script font as a theme. Great for logos in food, clothing, and much, much more.

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04. True North – 17 fonts by Cultivated Mind

It’s hard to imagine a more flexible vintage-inspired sans. With the additional extras, script, labels and more, you have a wide variety of options with this classic headline script that utilises alternates freely for that authentic hand-lettered feel. Definitely one for the designer’s toolkit.

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03. Wishes Script – 18 fonts by Typesenses

A highly decorative cursive font, Wishes Script positively sings of romance with every flowing curve, not to mention the hearts, flowers, and other ornaments available. Fantastic for greetings cards and more – this is one that just fits certain occasions perfectly.

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02. Volterra – 2 fonts by Blank Is The New Black

Inspired by and building on Bodoni’s 200-years-old classic design, Volterra by Blank is the New Black effortlessly makes that classic style feel right up to date. Razor-edged design is the keynote of this delicate updating – perfect to rebrand an existing line and really underline reinvention.

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01. F37 Bella – 3 fonts by Face37

Stunning, Didot-driven lines which add that spectacular Parisien flair to anything written in it, F37 Bella elegantly builds on classical French fonts by combining them with the best of modern American typographers – and the stencil and heavy versions add more flexibility!

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These fifty fonts represent the very best in font design old and modern. Just looking through them you can easily see how the form has evolved, but also how it’s found shining moments along the way. Design should be a celebration of your product and of life, and these fonts celebrate life and style in a way that perfectly complements that.