The Top 10 Fonts of 2016

January 4, 2017 , In: Top 50 Fonts

After an eventful year in the world of typefaces, the Recently Added section on HypeforType is packed to bursting – so what better way to celebrate how creative 2016 turned out to be than to showcase the ten standout fonts from a standout year?

Brocha Font

10. Brocha – 32 fonts by Latinotype

Tying Face37 at three entries apiece, Latinotype’s Brocha is an immediate attention grabber. This flexible sans has a Latin American style all its own with spectacular humanist alternates. Highly recommended if you want to stand out from the crowd.

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001_7_109. Frontage Condensed – 10 fonts by Juri Zaech

Another beautiful layered type system in a very different style to Intro Rust, the condensed but clear letterforms of Frontage Condensed are designed to evoke storefront signs and stand out for logos and headlines alike. Very flexible!

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Gabriela Stencil08. Gabriela Stencil – 12 fonts by Latinotype

Latinotype is one of the more prolific foundries out there, so it should come as no surprise that they make it back onto this top 10 list just two entries after their last appearance. Gabriela Stencil adds something unique to the classic stencil look.

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Quainton Font07. Quainton – 1 font by Sawdust

A typeface eight years in the making, Sawdust was first conceptualised in 2008 then lost until recently. This 1920s-inspired serif is fantastic for headlines, grabbing the attention instantly.

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Isidora Font06. Isidora – 28 fonts by Latinotype

Another modern geometric design, Isidora deliberately hearkens back to classic early 20th century typefaces, bringing them up to date in the alternative subfamily. Both subfamilies are available in seven weights, giving a wide array of options for users.

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Nanami Font05. Nanami – 18 fonts by Thinkdust

A Japanese inspired font family, Nanami’s eighteen weights play on the geometric sans designs Japan grew to love over the 1970s. Works fantastically to create cohesion between headlines and body copy.

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Intro rust font04. Intro Rust – 214 fonts by FontFabric

A whopping 214 fonts in this font family make it one of the most flexible layered fonts on the market, with grunge and other elements optional – absolutely perfect for design and logo work. Stand out from the crowd!

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F37 bolton font03. F37 Bolton – 8 fonts by Face37

The Lange-style Germanic sans features alternatives to allow uses to change up their style when needed. Exclusive to HypeforType, F37 Bolton is indisputably another example of the sterling work Rick Banks is doing at Face37, providing us with a great, distinctive and professional typeface.

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F37 Ginger Font02. F37 Ginger – 8 fonts by Face37

A modernist take on the geometric letterforms of Renner, Tschichold, and Lubalin, Ginger combines German, Swiss and American inspiration with careful British design to create something special.

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f37 bella font01. F37 Bella – 3 fonts by Face37

A HypeforType exclusive, this award-winner sneaks back into the list this year for the revamped font family adding two new weights in Heavy and Stencil, with heavy allowing use of the font in much smaller circumstances and the Stencil design keeping this minimalist geometric design fresh.

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