The Trending Fonts of Early 2017

January 12, 2017 , In: Uncategorized

As any designer worth their salt knows, being aware of trendsetters and the trends that follow them is worth your while even if you don’t follow them yourselves – but we’ve got some trends you’ll want to follow here. These are the most fashionable fonts, but don’t imagine they’re not going to be relevant for a long time to come…

Quainton FontQuainton – 1 font by Sawdust

A font eight years in the making, Quainton is a pretty new release which has been making headlines – and which is perfect to present your headlines in! This sans has a timeless but classic quality to it.

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001_7_1Frontage Condensed – 10 fonts by Juri Zaech

A great layered font inspired by the classic movie theatre and shopfront signs of the past, the sheer flexibility of this typeface family gives anyone a world of options to play with. Frontage Condensed really takes the chance to shine, though, when you start to experiment with colour options too.

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Gabriela StencilGabriela Stencil – 12 fonts by Latinotype

Another of Latinotype’s characterful font families, Gabriela Stencil is designed for headlines, lifting from the style of traditional Didone typefaces and incorporating modernity into those styles. With six weights and matching italics, Gabriela Stencil has the weight and authority a headline font needs.

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Enjoy the ride fontEnjoy The Ride – 2 fonts by Vintage Design Co

What’s better for posters, t-shirts, and youth-demographic logos than a good brush script? With special attention paid to how it functions entirely in upper case as well as in normal use, Vintage Design Co. have shown they know what this kind of font needs to be, and the hand drawn style stands out from the crowd.

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Hogar FontHogar – 16 fonts by Latinotype

With sans-serif and script variations of the same style in the same font family, the key to understanding the stylish design here actually comes from its accompanying and unique Dingbats-styled font – one which looks at the shapes, curves, and sharp lines of home design. Hogar is one you’ll love to experiment with.

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F37 Bolton FontF37 Bolton – 8 fonts by Face37

With a Gűnter Gerhard Lange-inspired design, this sans-serif font is simple, contemporary, clean, and, with the variety of weights used, is easy to read in almost any font size. We think of it as one of the workhorse fonts in our store and it’s easy to see why – this one is extremely practical and flexible.

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Money Penny FontMoney Penny – 2 fonts by Vintage Design Co

A fantastic paired font set, the brush script is attention grabbing but easy to read in the style of the best contemporary calligraphy, while the upper-case sans is crisp, clean, and walks that tightrope between friendly and formal – the pair are perfect for wedding invitations and other positive announcements, and together they really should be in any designer’s toolbox.

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And there you have it; some of the very best fonts trending right now, alongside the reasons they’re trending. But which of them speak to you? What’s your must-have font of the moment?