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January 22, 2015 , In: Sale

We’re half­way through the most epic font sale the internet has ever seen, so you’ve still got a ton of time to save up to 90% on some of the hottest fonts of all time. So without further ado, here’s this weeks Top 10 cool fonts in the HypeForType sale.

F37 Ginger – 16 Fonts by HypeForType

Ginger from Face37 is an 8 ­weight font family which elevates Sans­ Serif to new levels of beauty. Designed with modernist Swiss grace but with a contemporary geometric flair, there are German, Swiss, and American influences on the font. With an all­ round balance and stability that can reliably carry many a message many a mile, Ginger is sure to become a key part of your designer’s toolkit.

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Nanami Pro – 8 Fonts by Thinkdust

The original Nanami was a key family in many font collections, but with these new multi-language credentials, Nanami Pro has become a true must-have for anyone who’s serious about design. Get your hands on this modern classic now with a limited time introductory price of just £8 for the entire family.

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Thirsty Rough – 21 Fonts by Yellow Design Studio

The amount of work which has gone into making this font just the perfect amount of weathered beggars belief – it’s not as easy as leaving it out in the garden for a month. Thirsty Rough offers you four different levels of faded in each weight, and each one is detailed enough that it looks incredible even at enormous sizes. And if it wasn’t already detailed and different enough for you, it comes with a free set of additional textures for you to give each glyph exactly the right amount of shabbyness.

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Ride My Bike Pro – 11 Fonts by Latinotype

If fonts were the embodiments of emotions, Ride My Bike would wear the crown of ‘playful’. This hand drawn masterpiece from Latinotype is like a hot air balloon – imaginative and fun, with the potential to inspire joy and awe. With OpenType features and dingbats which will jump off the page and pull your face into a smile, Ride My Bike is a must-have.

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Lulo Clean – 10 Fonts by Yellow Design Studio

Exotic, refreshing, and extremely more-ish, Lulo is either a delicious unusual fruit from South America, or a delicious unusual font from Yellow Design Studio. Fashioned with an incredible layered effect, Lulo is a font which allows huge amounts of creative freedom. With a designer’s eye and clever use of colour, the finished product looks fresh and appetising every time.

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Hiruko Pro – 21 Fonts by Thinkdust

Charming and friendly, Hiruko Pro is a modern and legible font cleverly combining smooth lines and playful curves. With its softened edges, it emits a family friendly, kids welcome vibe and is easily legible in any situation. With a full family of 21 weights, varying from bold and attention-grabbing, to slick and smart outlines, to extra light and delicate, Hiruko Pro has a tonne of applications, and we still come across new ones.

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F37 Bella – 3 Fonts by HypeForType

Rick Banks is the creative mastermind behind F37 Bella, the double award winning HypeForType exclusive that’s claimed the number 1 spot for the third year running! With an arrestingly simple design philosophy, Banks has created something masterful. This font surpasses influence and flies beyond inspiration to reach almost ethereal heights. The acute extremity of the hairlines and the voluptuousness of the curves make this double award winning type family one you’ll want to use time and time again.

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Skitch – 11 Fonts by Yellow Design Studio

Sometimes there’s a font you just can’t get enough of. Skitch is one of those, with personality flowing from every hand-drawn serif. Friendlier than that dog from the next street who got a bit up-close-and-personal with your leg, it doesn’t matter what you say with Skitch because anyone looking at it smiles by default. If the ligatures, alternatives and multilingual support wasn’t already enough for you, Skitch has a selection of borders big enough to fit the whole gang, and they are ready to grow with you!

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Trend Handmade – 21 Fonts by Latinotype

Much like onions and ogres, Trend Hand Made comes in layers of loveliness. An emotive expression of observation, fashion, and skilled design, Trend is a self-sufficient font with a personality pouring from every member of the 21 font family. Especially the funky ornaments with the embellished common lower-case words which add in a little bit of jazz to your designs.

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Lounge – 10 Fonts by Typomancer

As a rounded sans-serif, you can’t get much more welcoming than Lounge. Plush seats with squashy comfortable cousins with plenty of space to sprawl out or snuggle close, Lounge is a snug and enjoyable font, even in the thinnest weights. Its accommodating attitude ensures it’s a key part of any font collection.

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