Top 10 Fonts of 2015!

January 4, 2016 , In: Inspiration

Well, it’s that time of year again when we fondly look back at 12 months of font madness and take stock of your favourite HypeForType offerings. Our annual Top 10 Fonts of 2015 list is based on quantity, which means you voted with your wallets and the decision is final! There’s been a shuffle at the top since last year and some great new titles making their way into the annual rundown. Which of these did you bag for yourself, and which will be yours in 2016? Find out now!


01. Texta – Latinotype

This high-functioning sans from Latinotype really knows its history, drawing on a heritage of humanist font styles to give real depth with a truly flexible face. It’s definitely worked its magic out there in the design world, which is why it’s our new top-selling font of 2015. With the full extensive 32 sets you can easily move from Thin to Book to Heavy with full design confidence. Mixing weights shows off the real harmony that’s built into Texta, thick and thin side by side gives a great finish, there’s nowhere you can’t go with our number one sans.

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02. F37 Bella – Face37

Last year’s Number One, Bella is still riding high in the charts as one of the most in-demand fonts we’ve ever worked with – which only goes to show what great taste you have. The classic Didot structure of the majestic Bella inspired its designer Rick Banks of Face 37 foundry to go on and perfect a look that evokes the great cities of the twentieth century, Paris and New York – think enormous newspapers and playbill posters in the streets. The signature mix of decadent ball terminals, thick curves and super fine hairlines landed Bella a TDC Tokyo Award in 2012, and who are we to argue?

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03. Sucrose – Yellow Design Studio

Thought you’d had enough sugar over Christmas? Wrong! Sucrose is here to tempt your taste buds as our Number 3 font of 2015. There’s no shortage of contemporary display fonts with that hip distressed-as-your-best-jeans look, but Sucrose seems to have perfected the style across its full 22 font package. Maybe it’s the punchy rectangular structure, or the intricate high-res detail on each of the tarnished finishes (8 in all), or maybe it just has elusive “now” appeal. In any case, it’s a font that’s going to look great for a long time to come and you guys have definitely indulged your sweet tooth this year – we don’t blame you!

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Nanami Pro

04. Nanami Pro – Thinkdust

Carrying the torch for the ever-popular Nanami family is Nanami Pro. The levels of perfectionism and detail contained in this pro sans serif have basically made it the must-have family member of choice for those designers who insist on having a complete high-standard core package to work with. With its emphasis on symmetry and geometry, every letter of Nanami Pro neatly stakes a claim on the page and screen, including the whopping 458 glyphs. Everything from Thin to Outline maintains the chic family vibe so you’re free to experiment and nail a perfect Nanami finish.

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Trend Rough

05. Trend Rough – Latinotype

In a year full of fonts with hip appeal, Trend Rough stands out as a next-level venture, and one that we’ll all be using in years to come. The distinctive sans/slab mix is made special by its use of optional layers, combining drop-shadows and tarnishes galore to literally build up to your finished eye-catching presentation. You won’t need to look elsewhere to complete your desired look when working with Trend Rough, it has everything you need built right in. A double set of ornaments, plus awesome dingbats and ready-made word banners make the possibilities more or less infinite.

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Intro Rust

06. Intro Rust – FontFabric

Just grazing the Top Five is Intro Rust, one of the largest single package font sets on the market, and a major Hype For Type favourite. Building on its parent font, Intro, the Intro Rust package adds oodles of lived-in charm to the mix. The multiple distinctive finishes make it ripe for logo and branding, while the four subsets – Rust, Script, Head and Goodies – contain endless opportunities to mix and match to your heart’s content. No two of your Intro Rust outings will look alike, which means you can return again and again for new typographic adventures, so it’s great value for money too.

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07. Galano Classic – Rene Bieder

The word ‘classic’ is thrown around easily these days, but Galano Classic justly earns the name through its keen vintage heritage and a visual debt to fonts like Futura. With these strong roots, Galano Classic manages to excel in the realm of contemporary sans serifs. The neat contrast between short x-heights and those long elegant limbs is always a visual pleasure so you might want to experiment with longer text outings and prove its readability. With intuitive kerning, alternate characters and great ligatures, they’ve pretty much thought of everything. A well-deserved Top Ten spot!

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Faith And Glory

08. Faith And Glory – Set Sail Studios

The only paintbrush font that makes a showing in our 2015 Top 10, Faith & Glory has definitely earned its place in the charts. Based on two hand-painted fonts in one, the upper and lower cases come as separate sets with a perfect working relationship between them. While the swirls and imperfect loops are convincingly paint-like, the underlying feel has more than a touch of calligraphy influence. The combination is a real winner.

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09. Trasandina – Tipotype

Just squeezing into our 2015 Top 10 is Trasandina, a super-sleek sans with a design influence pulled from stylish geometric faces. Trasandina stays readable and attractive right from Thin to the Ultra Black weights. As a modern typeface package, Trasandina is versatile, legible, impressive and, of course, affordable. The range of uses is limited only by your imagination.

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Mega Bundle

10. Mega Bundle – Thinkdust

Where do we start with the mighty Thinkdust Mega Bundle? Value for money and sheer variety are the major draws with this uber-package of 149 fonts. And when you count up the costs the saving runs to thousands of pounds. But the fonts are where it’s at, obscure gems alongside design staples, the Mega Bundle is a one-click way to an awesome starter pack of font beauties.

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Who knows what 2016 will hold but for now a massive big thank you for a great 2015, there’s no doubting we can rely on you all for good taste and fine selections. Don’t forget we have about 30,000 other fonts outside of this Top Ten to keep you busy. Happy New Year!

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