Top 10 most popular fonts of 2014!

January 2, 2015 , In: Inspiration

We’re kicking the new year off in style with the Top 10 most popular fonts of 2014. A list you our customers have voted for, with your great eye for detail, and not forgetting your wallets! This list is strictly based on sales (revenue, not copies sold) and includes some old, some new, some brilliant, and one of our very own HypeForType exclusives – which proudly beat off 24,000 other fonts to retain the #1 crown for the third year running!

01. F37 Bella – Face37

Rick Banks, the creative mastermind behind the foundry Face37, is the prodigal designer of F37 Bella, one of our all-time best selling fonts. With an arrestingly simple design philosophy, Banks has created something masterful. This font surpasses influence and flies beyond inspiration to reach almost ethereal heights. The acute extremity of the hairlines and the voluptuousness of the curves make this award winning font one you’ll want to use time and time again.

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02. Eveleth – Yellow Design Studio

There is a strong flavour of retro/vintage prevalent throughout each intricate element of Eveleth, with every letter-pressed glyph looking like it has spent its life in a thrift store. It smells of typewriter ink, old leather, and worn-out corduroy, and the optional spurs jest give it a little something extra, a certain je-ne-sais-quoi for your special characters. Eveleth has fourteen character sets, each of which has an astonishing six alternates per letter and three for each other glyph – that’s over 2,000 characters that you can use to customise your way to success. When you factor in the family of shapes and the one of icons, the possibilities are possibly endless.

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03. Ginger – Face37

Ginger from Face37 is an 8-weight font family which elevates Sans-Serif to new levels of beauty. Designed with modernist Swiss grace but with a contemporary geometric flair, there are German, Swiss, and American influences on the font. With an all-round balance and stability that can reliably carry many a message many a mile, Ginger is sure to become a key part of your designer’s toolkit.

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04. Nexa Rust – FontFabric

Nexa Rust is an absolute triumph of font creation. It’s more of a broad range of fonts, and FontFabric themselves describe it as a ‘multifaceted font system’ – we think that’s a bit of an understatement. There are more than 80 fonts in this family, each one beautifully textured; and the variety in that range is incredible. All caps, slab, script, condensed, extended – you name it, it’s there. There are even two sets of catchwords, a set of icons, and two sets of decorations. Nexa Rust will carry you far, and is a family tree of fonts you’ll come back to time and time again.

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05. Thirsty Rough – Yellow Design Studio

The amount of work which has gone into making this font just the perfect amount of weathered beggars belief – it’s not as easy as leaving it out in the garden for a month. Thirsty Rough offers you four different levels of faded in each weight, and each one is detailed enough that it looks incredible even at enormous sizes. And if it wasn’t already detailed and different enough for you, it comes with a free set of additional textures for you to give each glyph exactly the right amount of shabbyness.

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06. Showcase – Latinotype

Showcase is yet another example of the quality of fonts we’ve come to know and love from Latinotype. With 8 fonts in this wonderfully varied yet intricately concordant family, there is a Showcase for every situation. With the depth of delights you get from the script to the slab, Showcase is friendly, cheerful, and plays nicely with the other children. Latinotype’s varied influences and contemporary approach really shine through in Showcase. Much like the parmesan you were dubious about at first, it’s easy to find yourself relying on these feisty little fonts for adding some flavour to everything.

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07. Port Vintage – Joao Oliveira

Joao Oliveira created something spectacular with the original Port, but the follow up he’s produced in the spectacular Port Vintage takes the intricate detail and fine decorations and dials it up to 11. A display typeface with more potential than you can carry in a box, the sophisticated lines and eye-catching serifs will elevate your design to the next level of class.

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08. Nanami Rounded – Thinkdust

The gentler, softer follow-up to the popular Nanami, Nanami Rounded is also motivated by the artistry of Japan. Smoothing the hard lines and definite corners of its predecessor just slightly, Nanami Rounded is still clearly defined and crisp enough to work in whatever context you need. If Nanami is a battle hardened Samurai, Nanami Rounded is the lotus blossom favour handed to him as he leaves his home village to go to war.

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09. Trend – Latinotype

Much like onions and ogres, Trend comes in layers of loveliness. An emotive expression of observation, fashion, and skilled design, Trend is a self-sufficient font with a personality pouring from every member of the 21 font family. Especially the funky ornaments with the embellished common lower-case words which add in a little bit of jazz to your designs.

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10. Adria Grotesk – Facetype

Whilst wonderfully charming across the entire character set, several glyphs in the Adria Grotesk family stand out as appealing beyond the rest. The delightfully rounded capital E’s look invitingly friendly. The lower case a’s which radiate familiarity and contentment. The f’s which look like keys on the page, ready to unlock the wonders of the written word… OK we lied, every glyph in this family is sublime.

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